To All HMM/VMM 263 members.
I hope you got your newsletter. The newsletter covered details for the hotel, resistration, our squadron dinner reservation, guest speaker, hooch etc.

I have received 34 "return to sender"newsletters back to me, this is not good. I and Gary Alls have sent out e-mails requesting you resister early because the hotel only has so many rooms. I also requested in the newsletter that the 30 June is the last day I can receive your reservation and checks for our Squadron dinner.

We need at least 75 people to make reservations for our dinner or I will have to pay the differance out of my pocket. So far I have 19 reservations.

So if you didn't receive my newsletter please give me a call or send me an e-mail so I can send you the newsletter and get your correct mailing address in my master list. Hoping to have a great HMM/VMM-263 turn out in Orlando.

Semper Fi
T.C. "Top Cat" Moyer
Sgt. USMC Vietnam Veteran
HMM/VMM 263 Squadron Coordinator
USMC Combat Helicopter Association