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Award of the PURPLE HEART for the Crew of YT-23 announcement.

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  • Award of the PURPLE HEART for the Crew of YT-23 announcement.


    To all former HMM-164 Pilots and Crew members who served.

    There will be an long overdue award ceremony for the awarding of the "Purple Heart" for our USMC Brother Ray Templeton on October 4, 2014 in Lebanon Oregon at the Senior Center. The belated Purple Heart will be presented to the family of Ray after a combined investigation and reopening of the incident. This ceremony is the first to honor our HMM-164 Brothers who perished in an unfortunate Friendly Fire Incident on 11 June, 1968 in YT-23 while conducting operations in South Vietnam. The attached PDF Document was prepared by George Ross and details the incident, the subsequent investigations and procedures to correct any such incidents which have been similarly overlooked.

    The other Pilots and Crew members who are to be awarded the Purple Heart at a future date due to this action are:

    Conrad Lerman (KIA)
    Glen Zamorkski (KIA)
    Dan Jones (WIA)

    The address of the Senior Center is:
    80 Tangent Street,
    Lebanon, Oregon 97355

    Anyone who may make plans to attend are invited to contact Rays brother Walt Templeton at 1.503.877.6259. Below is a reply from Walt concerning this ceremony.

    It is going to be in Lebanon, Oregon. We are planning a luncheon at our home at 12 noon on October 4 and going from here to the Senior Center in Lebanon for the 2 o'clock ceremony.

    80 Tangent Street, Lebanon, Oregon 97355.

    ​[Walt Templeton]
    address is 2835 Stoltz Hill Rd. Lebanon.
    Our phone number is 503-877-6259.

    Please pass it on to anyone who is interested. Our servicemen should never be forgotten. Walt

    ​As I have come to understand it, Dan Jones, George Ross and *Tom Kennedy have planned to attend this hallowed Ceremony.

    * YT-23 was assigned to Crew Chief Tom Kennedy at the time of the incident.

    Semper Fidelis​

    Chuck Nowotny​ HMM-164 ''67/'68
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    Re: Award of the PURPLE HEART for the Crew of YT-23 announcement.

    The first of the four Purple Heart Award Ceremonies has been met. Lt. Dan Jones received his Purple Heart from Colonel George Ross on Sept. 25, 2014 in Chandler Az. (Photo's attached)

    On October 4th, 2014 in Lebanon Oregon the Purple Heart will be awarded to the family of Ray Templeton who was KIA on 11 June, 1968 when YT-23 was shot down by Friendly Fire near Da Nang. Lt. Dan Jones was the sole survivor of that crash.

    Lt. Glen Zamorski, Conrad Lerman and Ray Templeton were KIA when the Helo inverted, totally ablaze and out of control after being struck by an Arty Round fired by a USMC unit supporting the operation in Elephant Valley from which YT-23 was returning with a external load of excess equipment from that operation.

    Congratulations Dan.

    Thanks to all who assisted in correcting this issue.
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      Re: Award of the PURPLE HEART for the Crew of YT-23 announcement.

      Chuck, thanks for keeping us up to date on the Purple Heart Award. You've done a great job !!

      S/F Gary Alls
      HMM-263 '66-'67
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        Re: Award of the PURPLE HEART for the Crew of YT-23 announcement.

        Thanks for all your efforts Chuck.
        Hand Salute!


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          Re: Award of the PURPLE HEART for the Crew of YT-23 announcement.


          Thanks, however remember this...,

          I am old school! Just make sure you are standing outside and are wearing a cover! Eh eh!

          Thanks to all who participated in making this happen.


          Now off on a quest to find out who comshawed my refer, my fan and my junk when in the spring of 1968 around the first of March, HMM 164 left Phu Bai in to go float around in the South China Sea on the Valley Forge with 3/1. I was in Da Nang at PAR when they moved and when I returned our hooch's were gone, the squadron was gone and my stash of beer, liquor and goodies also went by way of the Buffalo.