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    Hotel reservation is open:

    225 E Coastline Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202
    T: (888) 421-1442

    Hotel reservation and reunion reservation are two separate things.

    Hotel contract required a minimum guarantee of attendees. Based on that we reserved a conservative number of rooms. Suggest make your reservation early and lock on a room- cancellations are allowed.

    Reunion info:
    OCT/Nov newsletter will contain reunion reservation form, info and will also be posted on the NOTAM Board.

    Squadron Hootches- Contract allows bringing in our own alcohol and dry goods. We have 12 Hootches reserved that will accommodate anywhere from 30 - 120 people with majority in the 40-60 range. As we've done in the past we'll try to accommodate all squadrons, however based on registration numbers by squadron will drive how we allocate the hootches. In a few cases squadrons may have to share. The Association picks up the refresh tab- cleaning/ice/etc,

    Assignments will be made late June early July. Option does exist for those squadrons with deep pockets to reserve a hotel suite based on hotel availability.

    Hotel Rooms- they are all being renovated at this time.

    Schedule: Will remain the same as in the past:
    Wednesday- early check-in. Hootches should be open
    Thursday- Tours, Welcome aboard Buffet
    Friday- Golf, tours, Squadron dinner
    Saturday- Tours, Banquet.
    Sunday- depart.
    working aircraft fly-in or static display at one of the bases,

    Having walked the ground, in my opinion, hotel and layout ranks very high compared to past venues.

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    Rooms booked for Jacksonville 2016. I'm ready now, but will have to wait. Come on Aug. 2016.


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      Will be checking this out too Howdy. In hope to get more of our Tigers to make efforts to attend this 2016 reunion. Hmm 262>>>>>>>JJ


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        I am going to try to make it to this one! I was with MALS-36 the T58 shop -so I guess I will be representing HMM-262 AND 265!LOL


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          Reunion ​Registration form link attached

          Reminder- Hotel registration and reunion registration are two different things
          Attached Files


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            Thanks for the up date Slick! August can't come quick enough for me anyways, I'am sure that time will go faster then we think. JJ


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              Hotel has informed us that they have run out of standard King size rooms. Doubles remaining
              we are also running short of rooms prior and after base reunion dates. We are constantly monitoring and making adjustments to room/date allocation.

              If you try and make a reservation and hotel tells you sold out contact Molly Dey at AFRI 757-625-6401 for assistance


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                Every four years when these reunions are on the East coast I swear I will attend one. Was with 263 in 67 and 163 in 67and 68. Most of my time with 163. Just pulled the trigger and reserved a room. Might not live four more years. LOL Might bring my evil eyes mug and crew book with me to see if you guys look the same. Also have the little 263 plaque that hung in the line shack at Ky Ha.


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                  glad to have you. I think everybody looks the same- maybe older, wiser, maybe a little heavier and either grey or lacking hair. ​
                  One common denominator is the tales/exploits (lies) only get better


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                    [QUOTEHotel has informed us that they have run out of standard King size rooms. Doubles remaining
                    we are also running short of rooms prior and after base reunion dates. We are constantly monitoring and making adjustments to room/date allocation.

                    If you try and make a reservation and hotel tells you sold out contact Molly Dey at AFRI 757-625-6401 for assistance][/QUOTE]

                    Repeating above as some folks are reporting hotel is telling them sold out. Issue remains as we need to adjust room block to accommodate folks coming in early and staying late.

                    If this happens to you call Molly Dey

                    Also: single, double, triple, quadruple occupancy rate is $119.00. suites, etc are higher.

                    if you're quoted a higher rate make sure you've booked under USMC Combat Helicopter Association
                    Again, any issues contact Molly Dey


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                      Contracting with a hotel for a reunion is part scientific and part guess based on past attendance. As our number of attendees over the past four reunions has decreased (and in one case the Association had to pay a penalty for not meeting minimums) we took a swag at attendance for 2016. For 2016 hotel reservations have been heavy and we have had to increase the room block (number of contracted rooms) at the hotel.
                      There are approximately 15 rooms remaining at the $119 rate.

                      They have basically sold out of the City view king and queen. The only available additional rooms that will be added are Riverview queens-
                      Unfortunately, as upgraded rooms the rate will increase by $15 for these rooms to $134
                      The standard upgrade rate is normally +$35 for queen riveverview


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                        We have submitted an addendum adding rooms- should be in place Monday.
                        If you try and reserve a room and get a "none available" try Monday. If still a "no go" contact Molly Dey at AFRI 757 625 6401


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                          For those that have not made Reunion 2016 hotel reservations following info applies

                          Hyatt Regency has currently sold out on our room block. We have made two addendums to the contract raising the number of reserved rooms, but have reached the maximum on the contract
                          ​Arrangements have been made with the Omni Hotel as a back up. They are physically close to the Hyatt and also has a shuttle

                          ​Hyatt reservations should refer you to the OMNI, but if they don't call 800 843 6664 and reference POPASMOKE/USMC Combat Helicopter Association or use the following link

                          The Hyatt has initially committed a limited number of rooms. We will continue to monitor and attempt to increase the room block at the Omni as required.

                          Should you encounter any issues making reservations call Armed Forces Reunion (AFRI) at (757) 625-6401


                          • Parham
                            Parham commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Thanks for the information and all the hard work helping to set up the reunion. The above link for the Omni hotel worked like a champ. See you in August. Bob Parham 1SG (ret), HML-167 1969-70

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                          Just went to the online reg site WWW.AFR-REG.COM/POPASMOKE2016 and it shows 2014 with this reply. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow it. Luckily I've already booked my room a month ago


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                            Reunion 2016 golfers, upon arrival contact Doc Davis, HML 367 for any issues concerning golf to include pairings