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  • Howdy
    It didn't apply to me, but I saw at least two on scooters turn around and head back into the hotel. I just wanted to make you aware of what went on.

    By far this was the best reunion I have been at. I will have a lot of good memories from this one.

    Semper Fi


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  • Slick
    Short answer is I apologize. Longer answer is I'm not aware of anyone going to static display indicating on registration form handicap requirement for that event as they might have on the Thursday trip, where we had a lift bus
    Taking a guess, may have been an onsite add and the folks at the registration desk didn't ask those who signed up at the hotel whether they needed a lift bus
    Scooters we couldn't accommodate on the bus, but we did have walkers and folding wheel chairs put on the busses.

    Not the answer that would make those unable to attend happy, but again apologize and will add to after-action for future reference.

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  • Howdy
    Buses did not have any handicap provisions. Some members were left behind. Should have had some with lifts.

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  • JoeReed
    Many thanks to you and the staff for all you do/did for another successful reunion!! Looking forward to the next one I can make!!

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  • Slick
    Static display- Have contracted with Jax Schools to provide 10 air conditioned buses. Price was right for all concerned
    Depart- 0830-0900 load buses outside hotel . Each bus will depart when full
    Return- Buses will depart NAS Jax individually when full. Allows individuals to stay as long or as short a time as they desire.
    Last bus will depart NLT 1300

    Attendee update not avail. will try and obtain. Attendee count is approx. 750 +/-.

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  • gbaker
    Any word on the static display scheduled for Saturday? Also, is there an updated list of attendees?

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    Slick A BIG THANKS sure to keep me on the starting Blocks. Have some Health issues to check out these next few day. I know Di thinks I just don't want to go but just have some real concern ,and don't want to Be there and Get Sick. Thanks again and will be praying for Guiding from above. JJ

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  • Slick
    as of 8/15/16. Daily getting some add ons and some cancellations. Last count 758- members and guest
    Last Name First Name Primary Squadron
    Houston W.W. 1st MAW
    Barr Robert H&MS-16
    Smith Herbert H&MS-16
    Ruffini John HMH-361
    Malia Joseph HMH-461
    Cannon Thomas HMH-462
    Dagley Bob HMH-462
    Greethurst Ken HMH-462
    Autrey Gill HMH-463
    Baker Gene HMH-463
    Balch Bob HMH-463
    Bohrman Bob HMH-463
    Conley William HMH-463
    Gaynor John HMH-463
    Gonneville John HMH-463
    Jackson Bobby HMH-463
    Lane Skip HMH-463
    Lane Jack HMH-463
    Motz, Jr Don HMH-463
    Raupp Douglas HMH-463
    Richardson David HMH-463
    Stanton Duncan HMH-463
    Stewart Ron HMH-463
    Tetreault Bertrand HMH-463
    Wert Larry HMH-463
    Whitehurst William HMH-463
    Ballato Nat HML-167
    Bouley John HML-167
    Boulton Steve HML-167
    Boyer Lynn HML-167
    Canzoneri Tony HML-167
    Chellis Scott HML-167
    Fenwick Bill HML-167
    Garvey Gary HML-167
    Hinton Allyn HML-167
    Hunt James HML-167
    Jeffries Mike HML-167
    Katz Slick HML-167
    LaFountaine Norm HML-167
    Long Stephen HML-167
    Low Keith HML-167
    Mincey James HML-167
    Parham Robert HML-167
    Rossi Dan HML-167
    Stough Gary HML-169 & HMA-269
    Hille Klaus HML-267 & HML-367
    Bell Jim HML-367
    Costanza Frank HML-367
    Davis Douglas HML-367
    Driscoll Joseph HML-367
    Gibson Timothy HML-367
    Harris Carl HML-367
    Kline Joe HML-367
    Kuklok Kevin HML-367
    McGovern Edward HML-367
    Morrison Mike HML-367
    Pencek Barry HML-367
    Robillard Jack HML-367
    Shubin Edward HML-367
    Silva Herb HML-367
    Simmons Carlyle HML-367
    Sowell Tom HML-367
    Whitehurst Neil HML-367
    Yaskovic Robert HML-367
    Cornstubble Ir HMM 262
    Bailey Glen HMM-161
    Berry Gerry HMM-161
    Cornfield Chuck HMM-161
    Geer Rudy HMM-161
    Lepo Peter HMM-161
    Mayor Bruce HMM-161
    Morosky Ronald HMM-161
    Sea Dan HMM-161
    Smith R.Gatewood HMM-161
    York Lee HMM-161
    Manship Stan HMM-162
    Adkins Bill HMM-163
    Anderson Marc HMM-163
    Anderson Bobbie HMM-163
    Anderton Rick HMM-163
    Atteberry George HMM-163
    Bancells Larry HMM-163
    Bergman Carl HMM-163
    Brunke Otto HMM-163
    DArcangelo Joe HMM-163
    Duckworth Teddy HMM-163
    Egan Ed HMM-163
    Fetterly Roger HMM-163
    Fitzgerald Charles HMM-163
    Fowler Jim HMM-163
    Frech Roland HMM-163
    Gale Robert HMM-163
    Gardner Len HMM-163
    Giddings John HMM-163
    Goodwill Vaughn HMM-163
    Goodwill Dick HMM-163
    Gordon Bernie HMM-163
    Granata Peter HMM-163
    Griffin James HMM-163
    Hall Lin HMM-163
    Halliday Fred HMM-163
    Halvorsen William HMM-163
    Holden-Knowles Jamie HMM-163
    Keller Noel HMM-163
    Kolb Dan HMM-163
    LeFevre Les HMM-163
    Limp Jack HMM-163
    McGuinness Jim HMM-163
    McIlvain Mac HMM-163
    Moore John HMM-163
    Morgan James HMM-163
    Nilson George HMM-163
    Oliver Joe HMM-163
    Phillips Bill HMM-163
    Pratt Ken HMM-163
    Rask Art HMM-163
    Rice Joe HMM-163
    Rivers Rick HMM-163
    Ross George HMM-163
    Schecter Lawrence HMM-163
    Schrupp Dick HMM-163
    Sifuentes Art HMM-163
    Sitterly James HMM-163
    Sonnier Jerry HMM-163
    Tackitt Merle HMM-163
    Terrion John HMM-163
    Thien Robert HMM-163
    Tiger Ken HMM-163
    Torres Bob HMM-163
    Trow Willie HMM-163
    Vinson Dennis HMM-163
    Waunch Don HMM-163
    Weeks Harry HMM-163
    Beamon Sam HMM-164
    Berry Tim HMM-164
    Botch Mike HMM-164
    Cook Jim HMM-164
    DeVore Lawrence HMM-164
    Ferneau Mike HMM-164
    James Joseph HMM-164
    Kennedy Thomas HMM-164
    Lange Robert HMM-164
    Lanier Stephen HMM-164
    Mertz Cynthia HMM-164
    Montgomery Robert HMM-164
    Munoz, Jr Juan HMM-164
    Murdoch John HMM-164
    Peterson Richard HMM-164
    Rodriguez John HMM-164
    Scheffler Bill HMM-164
    Young Gary HMM-164
    Butler James HMM-164 & HMM-362
    Beckerich Philip HMM-165
    Durrett Bill HMM-165
    Edgar Andy HMM-165
    Hays Jamie HMM-165
    Henning Stuart HMM-165
    Manning C H HMM-165
    Otto George HMM-165
    Reed Joe HMM-165
    Rogish Joseph HMM-165
    Rotramel Chuck HMM-165
    Sramek James HMM-165
    Taylor Jim HMM-165
    Zimmermann Gary HMM-165
    Zygowicz Alan HMM-165
    Halley Michael HMM-261
    Hippner Richard HMM-261
    Hutchins Robert HMM-261
    Martin Dick HMM-261
    Morley Jay HMM-261
    Otto Jim HMM-261
    Walz Nicholas HMM-261
    Allen Allen HMM-262
    Althoff David HMM-262
    Arnold John HMM-262
    Buda Richard HMM-262
    Bunting, Jr. Robert HMM-262
    Butler Mike HMM-262
    Colson Ken HMM-262
    Fears Bo HMM-262
    Felder Otis HMM-262
    Fenton Larry HMM-262
    Fulton Garrett HMM-262
    Gillaspie, Jr. Robert HMM-262
    Gustafson Charles HMM-262
    Hanner Pete HMM-262
    Harr Mike HMM-262
    Hatfield Keith HMM-262
    Hogue Jack HMM-262
    Kosinski John HMM-262
    Loftin Kreig HMM-262
    Lyman Marty HMM-262
    McCorkle Fred HMM-262
    McMahon Timothy HMM-262
    Orey Ralph HMM-262
    Parnham John HMM-262
    Patton Carey HMM-262
    Proutey Don HMM-262
    Riley Dale HMM-262
    Stiger Jim HMM-262
    Walker Harold HMM-262
    Whalen John HMM-262
    White David HMM-262
    Zok Larry HMM-262
    Alls Gary HMM-263
    Barber JD HMM-263
    Basham Alan HMM-263
    Bennett Dennis HMM-263
    Darby John HMM-263
    Hall Matthew HMM-263
    Hanner Joe HMM-263
    Hengels Phil HMM-263
    Johnson George HMM-263
    Kelly Michael HMM-263
    Kemp Bob HMM-263
    Leonard John HMM-263
    Lewis Tyrone HMM-263
    Love Chuck HMM-263
    Lynch James HMM-263
    Mattos Tom HMM-263
    Miller Phil HMM-263
    Moyer TC HMM-263
    Odgers Gerald HMM-263
    Ratcliff Bob HMM-263
    Rinehardt Jim HMM-263
    Rook Ronn HMM-263
    Salyers Larry HMM-263
    Strawn Ken HMM-263
    White Mike HMM-263
    Willman Robert HMM-263
    Taylor Larry HMM-264
    Campbell Harold HMM-265
    Jensen Duane HMM-265
    Johnson Kenneth HMM-265
    McCarthy Tom HMM-265
    McDonald Larry HMM-265
    Miller Glen HMM-265
    Monserrate Larry HMM-265
    OBrien Dennis HMM-265
    Olin George HMM-265
    Reiner Arnold HMM-265
    Schmidt James HMM-265
    Stafford Wayne HMM-265
    Sturkey Marion HMM-265
    Tubesing Gordon HMM-265
    Wolfe John HMM-265
    Campoy Abraham HMM-361
    Cope Russell HMM-361
    Eaton Russell HMM-361
    English Terry HMM-361
    Graziano Rocky HMM-361
    Hurme Seppo HMM-361
    Samol Joe HMM-361
    Sanders Bud HMM-361
    Trainor John HMM-361
    Turner Bob HMM-361
    Wagner Richard HMM-361
    Whitbeck Norman HMM-361
    Brownfield Tom HMM-362
    Cascio Ben HMM-362
    Clark Jerry HMM-362
    Cormier Calvin HMM-362
    Donnelly John HMM-362
    Eames Paul HMM-362
    Ferguson Donald HMM-362
    Hewes Tom HMM-362
    Houghton Richard HMM-362
    Houglum Daniel HMM-362
    Ice Ron HMM-362
    Kane Thomas HMM-362
    Kottkamp Jerry HMM-362
    Longdin John HMM-362
    Marnin Phillip HMM-362
    Martin Don HMM-362
    Matucheski Frank HMM-362
    McNair Billy Ray HMM-362
    Moser Dick HMM-362
    Myszka Romy HMM-362
    Ryan William HMM-362
    Severson Mike HMM-362
    Shoopman Dave HMM-362
    Sigman John HMM-362
    Snipes Doug HMM-362
    Speroni Victor HMM-362
    Sproule William HMM-362
    Stefan Louis HMM-362
    Street Jim HMM-362
    Thomas Kenny HMM-362
    Waldridge Wally HMM-362
    Wimmler Charles HMM-362
    York Del HMM-362
    Zamora George HMM-362
    Allen George HMM-363
    Barr James HMM-363
    Bertke Bob HMM-363
    Boley Carl HMM-363
    Citrano Jim HMM-363
    Collier Bill HMM-363
    Crutcher Jerry HMM-363
    Erickson Dick HMM-363
    Ferris Greg HMM-363
    Fischer Wayne HMM-363
    Gordon John HMM-363
    Hallam Mike HMM-363
    Inman B.T. HMM-363
    Lane Allan HMM-363
    LeBlanc Dan HMM-363
    Maddox Wayne HMM-363
    Mayberry Ted HMM-363
    Olson Martin HMM-363
    Ramsey Ira HMM-363
    Rodriguez Tom HMM-363
    Scholle Joe HMM-363
    Shantry Robert HMM-363
    Sheehan Paul HMM-363
    Starr Gordon HMM-363
    Svendsen Everett HMM-363
    Tierney Tom HMM-363
    Tripp Mike HMM-363
    Wagster Billy HMM-363
    West Brian HMM-363
    Wickersham Frank HMM-363
    Armstrong Anthony HMM-364
    Baker Gary HMM-364
    Benak William HMM-364
    Brandt Steve HMM-364
    Buckland Jim HMM-364
    Carson Emmett HMM-364
    Chancey Al HMM-364
    Combs Roscoe HMM-364
    Dautriel Ned HMM-364
    Deneff Daniel HMM-364
    Erb Steve HMM-364
    Gruenewald Brenda HMM-364
    Hanson Caisse Stephanie HMM-364
    Jeske Mark HMM-364
    Keller James HMM-364
    Kenny Pat HMM-364
    Ledford Jim HMM-364
    Lycan George HMM-364
    McLaughlin Donald HMM-364
    Morhardt Jeffrey HMM-364
    Peters Murray HMM-364
    Pflughoeft Chuck HMM-364
    Phillips Mike HMM-364
    Radliff Gary HMM-364
    Robitaille Patrick HMM-364
    Shupp Steve HMM-364
    Steinberg Bob HMM-364
    Tennent Mike HMM-364
    Ward George HMM-364
    Wells Karen HMM-364
    Wise Walter HMM-364
    Beeman John HMM-364 & HMM-361
    Pepper Charles HMM-364 & HMM-362
    Aguirre Mariano HMM-365
    Bender Richard HMM-365
    Bermudez Frank HMM-365
    Easter JJ HMM-365
    Heinzerling Henry HMM-365
    Hubbard Dick HMM-365
    McKee George HMM-365
    Saunders Dale HMM-365
    Thomas Paul HMM-365
    Bricklemyer JB HMM-774
    Hendrickson Stan HMR-163
    Vaughn Michael HMR-262
    Otani William HMX-1
    Lange Donald MABS-16
    Maddox Pete MAG-16
    Schoenherr Dave MAG-36 & VMO-6
    Northcutt Allen VMFA-115
    Rock Paul VMM-263
    Barbour Alan VMO-2
    Bohlman Curtis VMO-2
    Bowman Terry VMO-2
    Centore Rick VMO-2
    Cummings Bill VMO-2
    Fennell Robert VMO-2
    Fulton Sam VMO-2
    Healy Joseph VMO-2
    Heilman John VMO-2
    Hoffman Bruce VMO-2
    Lind Duke VMO-2
    Maziar Jerry VMO-2
    Nance HT VMO-2
    Robinson David VMO-2
    Schweitzer Ken VMO-2
    Shambaugh John VMO-2
    Soliday Ted VMO-2
    Taylor Jack VMO-2
    Templet Max VMO-2
    Tomlinson Joseph VMO-2
    Williams Tom VMO-2
    Armento Ed VMO-2 & HMM-265
    Bedrava George VMO-3
    Chess Bob VMO-3
    Elkins Ted VMO-3
    Gustafson Dennis VMO-3
    Kehoe Thomas VMO-3
    Ketchum John VMO-3
    Korte Jim VMO-3
    Lombardo Roy VMO-3
    Perry Robert VMO-3
    Pipa Jack VMO-3
    Rollins Paul VMO-3
    Schwanda Bruce VMO-3
    St Moritz Randolph VMO-3
    Weaver James VMO-3
    Yancey Jack VMO-3
    Zaczek Ronald VMO-3
    Brittain Rod VMO-3 & HML-367
    Krages Bert VMO-3 & HML-367
    McCauley Jim VMO-3 & HML-367
    Alexander Ed VMO-6
    Bartley Mike VMO-6
    Bastien Jim VMO-6
    Boden John VMO-6
    Boston Dick VMO-6
    Bright Gary VMO-6
    Carlon KC VMO-6
    Ethier Richard VMO-6
    Garner Jerry VMO-6
    Gerard C.G. VMO-6
    Greene Peter VMO-6
    Haines Dick VMO-6
    Jones Charles VMO-6
    Kmiec Walt VMO-6
    Kufeldt Ed VMO-6
    Meydag Richard VMO-6
    Mohilla William VMO-6
    Nelson Art VMO-6
    Pearson Mike VMO-6
    Pickett Jeff VMO-6
    Reinke Lance VMO-6
    Shadburne-Fiegel Marjorie VMO-6
    Turner Joe VMO-6
    Ward Thomas VMO-6
    Waters KD VMO-6
    Wilson Steve VMO-6
    Wright Donald VMO-6
    Lattimer Jim VNO-2
    Beddoe Wally Webmaster
    Averill Bill
    Griffin Linda
    Johnson Jim
    McClees Jerome
    Powell John

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    Originally posted by Jerome HALL View Post
    Will be checking this out too Howdy. In hope to get more of our Tigers to make efforts to attend this 2016 reunion. Hmm 262>>>>>>>JJ
    HEY any one got a List or some way to find Who May be going to the Reunion?

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Need transportation from the airport? Try here:

    There are also 2 taxi companies that service the airport.

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  • Slick
    AFRI correct contact info is Molly Dey 757 625-6401

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  • Slick
    Reunion 2016 golfers, upon arrival contact Doc Davis, HML 367 for any issues concerning golf to include pairings

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  • Marinegolfer
    Just went to the online reg site WWW.AFR-REG.COM/POPASMOKE2016 and it shows 2014 with this reply. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow it. Luckily I've already booked my room a month ago

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  • Parham
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for the information and all the hard work helping to set up the reunion. The above link for the Omni hotel worked like a champ. See you in August. Bob Parham 1SG (ret), HML-167 1969-70

  • Slick
    For those that have not made Reunion 2016 hotel reservations following info applies

    Hyatt Regency has currently sold out on our room block. We have made two addendums to the contract raising the number of reserved rooms, but have reached the maximum on the contract
    ​Arrangements have been made with the Omni Hotel as a back up. They are physically close to the Hyatt and also has a shuttle

    ​Hyatt reservations should refer you to the OMNI, but if they don't call 800 843 6664 and reference POPASMOKE/USMC Combat Helicopter Association or use the following link

    The Hyatt has initially committed a limited number of rooms. We will continue to monitor and attempt to increase the room block at the Omni as required.

    Should you encounter any issues making reservations call Armed Forces Reunion (AFRI) at (757) 625-6401

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