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Reunion 2020

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  • Reunion 2020

    REUNION 2020

    At this time the scheduled 2020 reunion, Nugget Hotel and Casino, Sparks NV is currently a go.

    The Board of Directors takes Association member’s and family’s health and welfare as a top priority. We have been in touch with and will continue to maintain contact with the Washoe County Health District, NV, Nugget Hotel and Casino, and Armed Forces Reunion concerning Coronavirus and its impact.

    The Washoe County Health District advised they are seeing some cancellations of various events scheduled through the end of April. They also provided that current cancellations are precautionary as they have not had any outbreaks of the virus.

    Again, health and safety is paramount and to that end we will keep vigilant/maintain awareness of the developing situation and at the appropriate time make a go/no go decision.

    Semper Fidelis


  • #2
    Update #2

    We are still evaluating the situation. Washoe County Health District's latest advisory says they are optimistic, but cautious.
    Health and welfare of our members and family remain the priority. If the country as a whole, not just Washoe County, is not back to whatever the new normal is then the reunion will be rescheduled.
    At this time we remain hopeful and optimistic.

    Next update 15 April and looking at an end of May go/no go decision.


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      Update #3

      We are continuing to monitor the situation. A Go/No Go decision will be made by 1 June.

      Association member, family health and well-being remain our primary concern. We continue to monitor Nevada state and Wahoe County Health Dept. updates.

      Any questions please post here or contact me direct

      If you haven't made a hotel reservation yet, suggest you make one now. With the uncertainty of the situation rooms will be at a premium either in July or at a rescheduled date. Reservations can be cancelled at no charge or if event postponed hotel will revise reservations.
      or calling (855) 516-1093. Group Reservation Code is: USMC Combat Helicopter Tiltrotor GUSMC20

      Lastly, if your POPASMOKE profile doesn't include an e-mail address suggest you add one. We use e-mail notifications sparingly and only for priority notifications.

      Stay well.

      Suffer No Fools


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        Update # 4

        As all of us are fully aware, these are unprecedented times that we’re going through. Never in the annals of our history has this nation ever endured such a crisis whereby not only the health of our citizens has been compromised, as well as the economic, social and travel liberties that help define this great country.

        The Board of Directors have been following closely the conditions around the country as well as in Nevada. As of today, there are far more uncertainties and too few guarantees in place in order to make a well-informed decision to continue the 2020 Reunion, as scheduled for 8-12 July, in Sparks NV.

        Due to the reasons listed above, it is with sincere regret that we must move the dates for our reunion to 14-18 October.

        ALL reservations will remain the same, except the dates are adjusted. If you plan on attending in October and already had a reservation you needn’t do anything.

        Member and Member family health is our primary concern. We will continue to monitor the situation in Sparks as well as the rest of the country and will adjust as necessary.

        Any questions contact your squadron reunion rep or myself at

        Semper Fidelis



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          Update # 5

          We continue to monitor the situation not only in Sparks/Wahoe County, but throughout the country. As we get closer to Oct we'll reevaluate all factors that would affect the reunion to include travel to/from.
          We're looking at a go/no go decision mid-September.

          Stay safe.


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            Got word today that Nugget is refunding room deposits and a call to them indicated the 2020 reunion has been cancelled. Why were we not inform by e-mail or NOTAM?


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              Nugget jumped the gun on publishing “cancelation.” We were in discussion about any penalties the Association may be liable for.
              That item was resolved yesterday. We are now in discussion for a 2022 date.

              Association is going to stay on even year schedule and squadrons that choose to hold a mini reunion the odd years.

              AFRI will be putting out notice for refunds from them.

              AFRI does have a $10 cancellation fee that the Association will cover.

              Nugget Hotel can address any hotel refunds questions directly - 800-648-1177