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The Man in the Doorway

This is a sticky topic.
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  • The Man in the Doorway

    Just added this per request from J.D. Barber:

    For those who can afford the bandwidth (3.7MB), listen to it on audio via the link at the top of that page.

    Real good.
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    Man in the Doorway

    I like it....... a great tribute to the Crew chief and all Helo crews.

    Brook Stevenson
    9/'67 - 10/'68


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      The Man in the Doorway

      **GySgt [J.D.] MACK McKernan {Retired}**
      {VMO-6, Quang Tri} **{Mar69-Mar70}**


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        OUTSTANDING !!!!

        I closed the door to my office, clicked on the the words "LISTEN to the audio". As I sat here reading along as the author/narrator told his story, I was transported back in time to 1967, pondering on how many times, as a Crew Chief, that had been me standing in the door or on the aft ramp. This article / audio is absolutely fantastic and certainly hits close to home and heart. A "must read-must hear" for all Popasmoke members.

        I think I'll go for a long walk now.............
        Joseph "Jake" Jacobs
        HMM-262 Combat Helicopter Association


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          Reading this was and is a visceral experience for me, and one I am grateful for. It is a reminder of the wonderful and terrible things we all shared daily.....and of the real meaning of our Brotherhood. We would have gladly died for each other; some of us actually did. Those of us still together must try to be here for each other, and try to remain worthy of their sacrifice, and make the most of our time...caring for our Brothers; keeping the memories alive.




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            Good one, Wally!


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              I agree with all others outstanding tribute. May we never forget the sound. friends,and BROTHERS from a litttle dirty place and era most of us never wanted to be in. I know the C?C's i flew with as a aerial gunner was always on pilots to get as close to those on ground as possible and sometimes even closer.
              Thanks for this post
              top A


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                From Michael Ryerson via e-mail:


                I am pleased to see my short piece, 'The Man in the Doorway' is now being displayed on your site. I take this as a deep compliment and am doubly pleased in that by being available to your membership the purpose for which it was written is assured. I would appreciate it if a link to my e-mail address could be attached to the piece. I enjoy hearing from former crew chiefs and doorgunners who have seen and/or heard it.

                Thanks for adding 'Doorway' to your fine site.

                Semper Fidelis,

                M. R.



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                  Now on YouTube.



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                    Re: The Man in the Doorway

                    Thanks for puuting this on Wally
                    non illigitimus carborundumMAF gripe ... deadbugs on windshield...action taken...R&R with live bugs!


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                      Re: The Man in the Doorway

                      Lurch, it is good to go back to it ocassionally. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.