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  • Hmr-161

    looking for information on HMR -161 operations in Korea, I was with the Sqd Sept 52 to June 54 Crew Chief of HR-7 until it crashed then NCOIC Hyd. Shop Ascom City Art Templeton

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    Hmr 161

    Art if you will contact me I'll give you some info on 161. I joined it in Jan 53 went to Hiawaii with the squadron in 1955. Jack Ubel


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      Art, my email address wrong it.s contact me


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        HR-7 was Bureau Number 127790 and there's a good picture of it here on my website,

        A great online history of HMR-161 is available here:


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          Two Memories Korea/Vietnam

          Thanks Frank. Brought back many memories. Lots of Names of good Brothers that I could not recall !! After all these years I remember them but forgot the names !! Part of being "Middle Aged " smile . I was in VMO-2 in 1951 & watched 161 ship out on train behind Hangar one MCAS Santa Ana (LTA than) to San Diego/Korea. SF Paul

          HMR-161. Warrant Officer Lewis E. Chase, the
          electronics and communications officer attached to
          the rear echelon of HMR-161, drowned while
          hunting on 6 November 1953. Chase was trapped on
          a mud flat in the middle of the Han River by the rising
          tide. It seemed that rescue was imminent when a
          helicopter, an HO5S of VMO-6, came to his aid. As
          the helicopter hovered above, Chase grabbed hold of
          its undercarriage. But before the helicopter could
          carry him to safety, he lost his grip and fell about 15 ftt on to the mud flat & was never recovered. 17 October a helicopter from HMM-161 ran
          into stormy weather while on a resupply mission in
          the Phu Bai area. The aircraft, with 10 persons on
          board, was lost in the storm and reported missing.
          Search aircraft were launched from Phu Bai and
          located the aircraft which had crashed on the side of a
          mountain. The jungle at the crash site made landing
          impossible so medical personnel were lowered by
          hoist, and the survivors were then hoisted into the
          rescue aircraft. A platoon from BLT 3/4 was lifted to
          the crash site to provide security for the damaged
          helicopter and to bring out the bodies of the two
          Marines killed in the crash. One of those killed was a
          Marine from BLT 3/4, and the other was Gunnery
          Sergeant Charles R. Chemis from HMM-161 >>>>I flew a VNAF Helicopter in to visit Capt Charlie Knox, WO Hooven, Gy Chemis & Gy Herman Boyd & found Chemis had been killed the week before. SF PM


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            PM, knew Charley Chemis and Herman Boyd very well. We started ADH[A1] the first Helicopter school together in Memphis in 1956. Saw Herman at the reunion in Pensacola. Believe he said he had been working at a prison in Texas. Both were great Marines. Also knew Knox, but not that well.


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              Re: Hmr-161

              Did any one know Lewis E. Chase that was mentioned in the mud flats incident?