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Attack/war on the usa my opinion

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    Attack on america

    Mahalo mr. Amtower for your reply. Interesting stats that appear to show about 103 views with only one reply.

    It is about 0612 hours hst (hawaii std. Time) and i received this morning an email from the president of pas; slick katz who rather chastised me for using a term to describe the islamic terrorists; i.e., the term 'r*g-h**d.

    I was a sort of shocked since i haven't posted on the notam board in years.

    He seemed to think some might find that term offensive. I don't. Your correct mr. Amtower this country needs a wake up and i mean as in 'yesterday'.

    You would not believe how many veterans i comm with via email who are 'not' members of pas who feel that the so called 'attack on america' is over and the bad guys have already won. Curiously every single one of these people whom i am referring to are all 'combat' vietnam veterans.

    This should scream volumes to most. I would have expected this from the political (non combatant) left in this country but not from combat veterans.

    I have several usmc friends whose kids are in the middle east; some on their third tours. My own have been in or near the sand box for the past few years. Before that they were out of japan playing with the guy with the bad hair cut in north korea.

    This country has, in the past taken a beating many times for being complacent.

    In my post i discussed the use of cobalt-60 as an easy weapon they could use because of it's irradiation and long half life. I know this stuff is easy to get. It is used in industrial radiation as i pointed out. This isotope is a by product of nuclear reactors (not always the type you see that produce energy); more like the type termed as 'breeder' facilities.

    Among other uses other than industrial irradiation to check for structural fatigue it is also used in large drive in buildings to irradiate produce and it is effective.

    The truck drives in; the driver gets out and leaves the building; then it is sealed and they remotely roll out a large lead box. Then by remote control it is opened and a single tablet the size of an aspirin is moved to expose the inside of the building with a high dose or radiation killing any organisms on the produce. Then it is returned to the box and sealed and the doors are opened and the driver gets in the truck and carries on.

    The irradiation does not contaminate the food; however if it were crushed to dust then it would contaminate everything. I once considered getting a license to use this material for industrial radiation. Too much paper work and more importantly too many larger companies with long standing municipal contracts made it rather un-cost effective.

    Which is to say that is how easy this stuff is to get. The 'nrc' will gladly send you a lot of nice colored brochures on this material along with photos of what happens if you make a mistake. Nrc (nuclear regulatory commission).

    The days of robert oppenheimer; while brilliant, are history. When i noted the 'bad guys' could easily manually detonate a so called 'gun-fired' nuke i was not kidding.

    Any college kid with a major in nuclear physics can fabricate one. Some think that is an urban myth. It is not.

    High energy radioactive materials like cobalt-60 if reduced to dust; produce first and foremost gamma irradiation. This is the same as bundled photon energy we get from the sun traveling at the speed of light. The secondary problem is particulate irradiation from alpha and beta particles.

    Does anyone know what hd-50/50 means? Also there is no such thing as a safe threshold dose of any form of radiation; none!!! 5,000 rads or more will kill you instantly. 3,000 rads will kill you in a week or so; and you will die very similar in the ways you've all read about of those who died from 'ebola'.

    Radiation is 'cumulative'. This goes for medical radiation as simple as a routine chest x-ray. The justification is that the risk is out weighed by the diagnostic value of the image via the exposure. I used to do about 5,000 films a year. I know what i am talking about.

    The guys in tehran know all about this stuff.

    This country does indeed need a wake up call.

    It's real; it's surprisingly simple and 99% of our population doesn't have a clue. My only solace is that i live in a remote area far from a target of opportunity and gamma radiation travels in a straight line; not the curve of the earth.

    As for my chastisement i remember vietnam very well, we referred to the vietcong or vc; as 'dinks' and other colorful terms like 'rice propelled bas*t**d's', etc. We were never censored for this.

    /s/ r. 'doc' *politically incorrect but never complacent* ferrell
    semper fidelis

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  • Mike Amtower
    re: Attack/war on the usa my opinion

    Well and clearly stated, Doc.

    The people in this country need to wake up!

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    started a topic Attack/war on the usa my opinion

    Attack/war on the usa my opinion

    I am typing in caps so 'i' can read what i am typing. This thread titled 'war on america' i think is as misunderstood as it was in vietnam (rvn).

    We have two separate battles going on at once against the rag-heads. One is the actual battles in the sandbox and the other is here in the usa. I think the one in the sand box will end not unlike it did for russia when they did it; afghanistan was 'their 12 year vietnam war'. The troops we have there should be pulled out and put to better use on our borders.

    Meanwhile back in conus the rag-heads are waging a war of attrition. Which has cost more? Troops in the middle east or the billions spent on terrorist activities here in the usa? Every time an airport is shutdown for any time the trickle down costs is amazing and most don't realize that.

    The rag-heads can't just open up on us here; guns blazing (en mass); so they wage a war of attrition or 'cost to us' and this happens in many ways. Every time a plane is stopped due to some weird threat; it costs us big bucks and if you look at the numbers of those incidents the bucks pile up. They know what they are doing. It happens almost every day. It happened just two days ago in two different major airports.

    They have been doing this for years and the cost is staggering. Granted; some have been captured only to be jailed and pending trial in a u.s. Court. When they should be tried in a military court at gitmo. They understand our laws and use them against us.

    The muslim religion is not moderate by any means; it is a draconian religion even within their own individual homes it is brutal.

    There are many cells here waiting to be activated and they will be sooner or later. What to expect? I would expect on a large scale activation that cells go for major infra structure. Examples would be major power grids, major bridges; dams and related targets of opportunity.

    Do they have to destroy these targets? No. All they have to do is render them un-usable for a very long time. How? Easy. A brief case full of c-4 impregnated with lots of aspirn sized tablets of cobalt-60.

    Just park the car on say the golden gate and detonate the c-4 and pellets. The explosion won't damage the bridge. It will destroy the car and driver but the cobalt - 60 will be reduced to dust and contaminate a wide area including the surrounding cities. The contamination will render the bridge unusable for a very long time since cobalt-60 has a very long half life.

    Why cobalt-60? It is extremely radioactive and very easy to obtain; it does not have to be smuggled into the country; it is available (largely unguarded) in most major to moderate sized cities. It is used for industrial x-ray of major structures looking for structural fatigue such as a bridge or stadium or a large building. You name it. It's that easy.

    They could do the same thing with the same method on the seaway from the gulf into houston or the hoover dam or the st. Law. Seaway into the great lakes. It is like the cliche goes; 'a target rich environment'.

    Then again there are other ways to wage their war of attrition. Like the proposed super mosque in nyc. Look at what that is costing us. Think about it. Itemize it like a detailed tax return. If allowed and they broke ground what would it do to wall street? Most of the buildings there around the twin towers are still un-repaired.

    If you think the last two major mkt. Fluxes in the mkt that neared a drop of 1,000 points is something wait until the rag heads get the go ahead for the super mosque.

    In many cases (outside of the obvious gunfights) much of the war in vietnam was a war of attrition. Things hanoi did to cost us there and in conus are similar to what is happening now.

    The difference between rvn and islam is we went to war against a country; not a religion; and this time we have gone to war against a religion with no country. In both cases the joint congress was not able to figure out how or what to declare war on.

    It's as vague as declaring war on drugs or declaring war on poverty, etc.

    It is ephemeral; not in the short lived sense but in the sense that one can't get a physical grasp on it. The rag heads know this. Make no mistake. Like sun-tzu said: 'know your enemy'. Clearly most americans do not.

    They believe that giving their lives for jihad will insure that they each receive 72 virgins and rivers of milk and honey. Now then....

    1.) i would find it hard to find 72 virgins on this planet today over the age of ten.
    2.) if there were rivers of milk and honey; my bee's would go nuts with happiness and i'd have a feral cat problem animal control couldn't fathom.
    3.) rag head math: There are right now about 7 to 8 billion people on this planet and one billion of them are rag heads. If one billion rag-heads think their sacrifice will bring them 72 virgins (not counting the milk and honey) that would mean we'd need at least 72 billion virgins which is much larger than the current population of planet earth.

    The majority of them can't read nor write; the majority of them are illiterate and receive their orders personally or via a television or some other media such as radio.

    Only a few are selected to be well educated and deployed to critical areas to lead the others.

    They are will funded; endless money from oil and heroin.
    We can trash the poppy fields but we can't plug their oil wells.

    We stop one leak and they find another. For instance syria is supposed to be neutral albeit muslim and somehow the terrorists are flying from the middle east/africa to syria then from damascus to northern south america. Why?

    They come in thru mexico of course and we have blocked most of their attempts (finally) to get here via amsterdam.

    What about iran? Well i suspect that sooner or later israel will nuke them with a sudden strike and get it over with just as they did in april/1967 where they took on syria, iraq and egypt all at the same time and it was over in six days.

    I remember that clearly; i was in rvn and put on a 12 hour stand-by to pack my bags and head for the sinani. Then it was over and back to quang ngai i went.

    I doubt that the current person in the oval office will see a second term or even get a distant view of one. Why would a person like him from a rich family spend those years in a predominately muslim country which still is muslim? Why is his name islamic? November/2010 will be really interesting.

    For most of you in your individual states you have seen over the years your share of political corruption; esp. In the recent year or so.

    My state of hawaii is no different. It is about as corrupt as it gets. In the late 60's and early 70's it was very corrupt and it still is (if you live here) and i have lived here for about 40 years now. I'm 63 years old and i have pretty much seen it all and hawaii is probably one of the top five most corrupt states to date. Ergo, (you know where this is going)...

    I don't care what tv says; a rich family can and does buy anything they want in this state including 'citizenship' and it would be or have been no real effort to alter records for a certain person born in kenya to suddenly be born in hawaii if you get my drift.

    The so called 'matriarch' of that family is deceased now so those secrets will never be revealed; just thought i would add that since many believe what is on paper is 'correct'.

    Some of you but i doubt many; saw in the past three days during the tv debates on the news over this nyc super mosque that some television shows were suddenly canceled because the shows in question were about to pay tribute to the lives lost on 9/11. And so it was done. However the powers that be could not stop all programming such as cnn or fox. But they did stop some programming and i saw it happen within less than 30 minutes notice. That rang my bell.

    There is a very real attack on america right now; it is a war of attrition in a time when we can't afford a dime to add to the deficit.

    How many of you know the difference between the 'deficit' and the 'national debt'? They are two different entities and while the majority of the citizens of this country do not understand the difference the rag heads do and they are working it like a nyc 'shell game' on a street corner. Where is the pea?

    I could go on and on with this diatribe but i think i will wait for some replies; if any.

    Well, there is a few more bits of info. The world of islam is for lack of a better word facist; not unlike hitler's movement bent on world domination. That was his goal and that is the goal of islam albeit hitler counted on the japanese invasion of manchuria in 1931 to take care of china while hitler dealt with europe.

    Their motives were not only based on their facist ideology but also on expansionism. The rag heads goal is world domination but it is not based upon expansionism but it is fundamentally facist in it's ideology. The difference being is one was motivated by expansionism while the other is controlled by a draconian religion and not the state.

    /s/ r. 'doc' *naturally blabby* ferrell
    semper fidelis!