I was looking through the latest version of the USMC Aviation Plan FY2010 AvPlan (Final) and noticed these activation/reactivations, relocations, and transitions:

HMH-362 and HMH-363 will transition to 16-plane squadrons in FY11, still with CH-53Ds. HMH-362 moves to E. Coast in FY18 for transition to CH-53K. 363 moves in FY19. They will be replaced at KBay by a single CH-53E squadron from the East Coast.

HMH-463 goes to cadre status in FY11 to transition to MV-22. It reactivates as VMM in FY16.

HMH-366 and HML/A-467 relocate from Cherry Point to New River in FY12/FY13.

HMMT-164 moves to MAG-16 in FY14 to begin transition to MV-22.

VMM-561 and VMM-562 activate FY11/FY12. Both will relocate to 1st MAW FY13.

VMM-TBD 1 VMM will relocate to Guam during FY14, subject to Agreed Implementation Plan and Environmental Review. This squadron will be capable of acting as the headquarters of a composite squadron and report to MAG-24.

HMLA-367 will relocate to MCAF Kaneohe Bay in FY12, subject to KBay Master Plan and environmental review.

HML/A-567 will activate at Cherry Point in FY11 and move to New River during FY13.

MAG-49 HQ, HMH-772(-), HMLA-773 Det B will relocate to McGuire AFB in NJ during FY11.

HMLA-773(-) will relocate to Warner-Robbins AFB during FY11.

HMM-774 will transition to MV-22 in FY14, then relocate to Willow Grove.
HMM-764 will transition to MV-22 in FY16. It will relocate from Calif. to JRB Ft Worth.

2 Reserve VMMs will activate during FY17. Location TBD.