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Scott did it in ma.

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  • Scott did it in ma.

    The message has been sent ! Take back our Country in Nov. !! SF PM

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    Praying Can Help

    All smiles in Mass. last evening and maybe those prayers sent upwards for our Country has shown up one more time here in this WIN for those in mass. and now for OUR Country. God BLESS AMERICA is still strong. Not what certain
    Pastor ETC was say back over a year ago !!! Now What was it ? ?? Think he was telling ( God DAM ) America Hope He's a watching as God has sent a few of his own Signals. Go Scott Brown and Go USA , ALL the Way


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      Political pork?

      Did I just get hit by one of those flying pigs AGAIN


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        God Bless Mass, you did the right thing!
        Semper Fi


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          whole house, 1/3rd of Senate.

          I hope the whole house gets voted out in '10, and '12, plus 1/3rd of the senate. It has to be done to keep our Country. Semper Fi, and Ready-APP.


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            Roger that Bro! Tar and feather them and kick them out of Washington!
            Semper Fi


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              Take back the Country

              I have asked every candidate running in my area if he/she will limit themselves to term limits. Not many will come out and say it.
              The problem is career Polititions.
              No one needs to do more than two terms..............
              Increase Congress to the same 6 year period as Senators.
              Also there needs to be a Law that says ALL Legislators are on the same HealthCare and Retirement plan as the rest of the citizens in America


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                Mass. election 8)

                :d thank you god!
                Semper Fi
                I'd rather fly than walk!
                Darrell Asplund


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                  Thanks everyone!

                  :d thank you god!
                  Thanks to the Massachusetts voters!!! You have started it and it's up to the rest of us to finish it in November!!
                  Semper Fidelis

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