I had read about this happening on the Popasmoke web site. I have to say that it's pretty impressive to see that aircraft taking off.
Hope it comes thru.

S/F Gary Alls
HMM-263 '66-'67

Subject: Seaboard World DC-8-63_Video..scary landing and takeoff

The film doesn't mention the aftermath of the many tents blown over during the takeoff!

Great actual footage with narration of a Seaboard World DC-8-63 that landed at the wrong airport in Vietnam

in 1969. (8 miles from DaNang..the intended airport). Airport only had a 3300 ft runway. Watch how after defueliing,

and removing all the seats, the aircraft was able to take-off in 2800 ft for the intended destination.

Click on this link to view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=araRJYJJpCA