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Osprey Query

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  • Osprey Query

    From a USMC 46 pilot, a Major, assigned to a Marine infantry battalion in Afghanistan:

    "Have you heard anything regarding why they haven't sent ospreys to Afghanistan? I'm curious. Doesn't make sense for them not to send it here.

    Does anyone on this frequency have an answer?

    Raymond J. Norton
    1513 Bordeaux Place
    Norfolk, VA 23509-1313

    (757) 623-1644

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    The last MEU out of NC had an Osprey squadron attached. The troops are in Afghanistan, the Osprey was getting wet on the boat. Can't explain it.


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      No Ospreys in Afganistan?

      I was under the impression, although I may be incorrect, that they need to land much closer to the actual areas of battle there, as opposed to Iraq...where they are more secure... Not so? I'd be intrested to hear the true story from the Marines there.....
      Semper Fidelis

      Phu Bai tower:
      YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
      Remember, These are "A" models!
      YW-11 BuNo-151939
      '65 Model CH-46A


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        They are scheduled to rotate in next to replace HMH-362 as the medium lift componet in Afghanistan. The Thunder Chickens I believe.


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          HMH-463 has replaced HMH-362 with CH-53D's in Afghanistan. I work for FRC East Cherry Point (Formerly NARF), yesterday we sent out one of four
          CH-53D (BuNo 157134) taken from the Bone Yard Back to the fleet.

          K.D. Logue


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            Thunder Chickens

            That's who is on the float now with the MEU out of NC. Ship Board deployment of assets I believe. The Thunder Chickens did a ship to ship medevac.


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              Hang Tight, They're Coming!

              Hang tight, the Osprey is coming! Keeps your eyes peeled on 10 Nov. (OOOrah!)


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                Ray, from what I can piece together, there is no fix for a composit skin yet, and a few bullets through one would ground the Bird. Most likely by Nov. They could have a good fix. There has been a snaf with ready-ness. Like Dutch has said, 'wait until Nov., I guess.


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                  I saw on one of the military newspapers that are e-mailed to me, that a high ranking general had put a stiffle notice on all information coming out of the combat area concerning anything to do with the Ospreys.


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                    Correct you are! I missed it a couple of weeks ago apparently.

                    Ugly Angels Transfers Authority to Pegasus

                    8/28/2009 By Lance Cpl. Samuel Nasso , Marine Aircraft Group 40

                    Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362 "Ugly Angels" transferred control of air support for Marine Aircraft Group 40, Marine Expeditionary Brigade Afghanistan, to HMH-463 "Pegasus" during a transfer of authority ceremony, Aug. 11.

                    Lt. Col. Christopher C. Abrams assumed command from Lt. Col. Jeffrey A. Hagan in a very professional and complimentary turnover for the two Hawaii squadrons.

                    "I was pleased with the professional transition from 362 to 463 and I look forward to sitting back and watching the great things that 463 is going to do out here," said Hagan. "A lot of our Marines have gone to school and worked with the other squadrons' Marines, so it's as if we are handing the reins over to a neighbor."

                    Following the ceremony, Marines from each squadron gathered around Col. Kevin S. Vest, MAG-40's commanding officer, as he spoke of the great work that HMH-362 did and what he expected from HMH-463 in support of International Security Assistance Force.

                    "HMH-362 did an amazing job transitioning from being in the middle of a deployment in Iraq to coming here and even upgraded their CH-53D engines to the CH-53E engines to better suit the terrain here," said Vest. "HMH-362 has completed everything we have asked them to and have some tough shoes to fill, but HMH-463 has a good reputation, so if anyone can replace 362 it is 463."

                    The Ugly Angels will now return home to Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii which Pegasus also calls home.

                    "I am very proud of the way our Marines carried themselves and for all the hard work they've done supporting the ground Marines when we were here," said Hagan.


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                      Bunnie, I saw the same thing. It covered the 53K, and the osprey. The Gen. has a problem if he thinks his orders cover Retired Marines, and civilians. Is he going to promote me, or bust me? Just a way of covering up some Big problems. I feel there should be a law with bids on Military Aircraft, Ships, and other things the Military takes bids on, to have a BINDING Contract that the Contractor Can-not pull a cost over-run what-so-ever. If it runs over the bid they gave, then too bad, they absorb it. Not the Gov., or the people. The Gov. doesn't have what it takes to stand by such a law.