All HMM/VMM 263 brothers. I've been trying to put together an updated e-mail and mailing list with home and cell numbers from information available from past reunions and the Popasmoke e-mail and mailing lists. This has turned out to be more difficult than I expected as these lists don't have everyone's e-mail or mailing addresses and some of you have blocks on your e-mail. Because of these issues, you don't received the messages I send out.

If you plan to sign up for our squadron dinner and want receive information updates it is imparitive that you send your e-mail and mailing addresses along with home and cell phone numbers to TC "Top Cat" Moyer or Jim "Gunny" Lynch. As deadlines are looming for a lot of things pertaining to the reunion, I'm requesting your updates by 6 March 2012. If you know of other brothers of HMM/VMM 263 who aren't Popasmoke members and who you think would like to attend our squadron dinner in Orlando, please forward their information as well so I can send them a newsletter.

Gunny's e-mail address is:

My address is:
T.C. "Top Cat" Moyer
Sgt. USMC Vietnam Veteran
HMM/VMM 263 Squadron Coordinator
USMC Combat Helicopter Association