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Only a Crew Chief

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  • Only a Crew Chief


    Only a Crew Chief knows his aircraft so intimately that he can show you every working rivet.
    Only a Crew Chief will install a perfect safety wire application where it will never be seen.
    Only a Crew Chief will have a “Hell Hole” stripe across the back of his flight suit shoulders.
    Only a Crew Chief knows which hydraulic servo will have to be changed next.
    Only a Crew Chief can “politely explain” to a new gun pilot that the ball must be centered to keep the machine gun brass out of the tail rotor.
    Only a Crew Chief will work all night to replace the tail rotor blades for the next launch.
    Only a Crew Chief can climb out and change barrels on the outboard guns during the climb out in time for the next gun run.
    Only a Crew Chief would leave the aircraft in a hot LZ to help load wounded Grunts.
    Only a Crew Chief would do this 6 times to save 11 Grunts and a Corpsman!
    Only a Crew Chief would think of his machine gun as part of his personal flight gear.
    Only a Crew Chief remembers the thrill of the words “You’re cleared in Hot!”
    Only a Crew Chief can train a new pilot to do a detailed pre-flight inspection.
    Only a Crew Chief refers to a fluid leak as an “automatic airframe corrosion control system”
    Only a crew chief knows he always ties the blade with the leaking blade grip seal on the low blade over night to minimize the leak.
    Only a Crew Chief knows which cannon plug has a “slight loose connection” that will correct itself with a certain touch in a certain direction.
    Only a Crew Chief knows the sensitive spot on the airframe to feel the same vibrations the pilot’s feet can feel.
    Only a Crew Chief can “mysteriously acquire” spare parts and equipment (outside the approved supply channels) to include unauthorized spare machine gun barrels and parts.
    But to the Grunts, Navy Corpsmen, Gunners, and Pilots that survive because of his skill, talent, judgment, dedication, and courage….. there is no such thing as “Only a Crew Chief.”
    Bob Johannesen, Captain, USMC, HML-167, Comprise 22

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    Re: Only a Crew Chief

    Good one, Bob.....We all thought we were pretty good in those days....