Fellow Marines, I went thru "C" schools with Joe Rupke , Andy Anderson, Bill Smith ,Etc. We all ended up @ New River. I went to 362 with Joe, Andy and Bill Smith went to HMX 1, in 1971. We all got tattoos together in Fayettville in 71 !I met Joe Rupke in Okinawa on my way to RVN as a 53 CC with HMM165 REINF in late 72. Joe and Andy came in on the old "Buddy" program the USMC used to have !! They were both from Iowa. Anybody know the where abouts of Joe Rupke or Andy Anderson ?? Joe had a brother that was a sea bee . I met him in New River in 72. I am Steve Eaton and would like to talk with either of these old friends. Semper Fi, Ladies and Gentleman.