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MGySgt George T. Curtis

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    Curt's passing...

    I had the good fortune of meeting Curt for the first time at the Reunion...after corresponding with him for a long time at Popasmoke....he was a large part of the heart and the mind of Popasmoke.....his command of Marine Corps history was impressive, and his love of the Corps, inspiring. His spirit will always be with us, and his memory will make him a huge part of our brotherhood in the long as we are this side of eternity.

    Semper Fidelis my brother; we will all meet again.



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      My thoughts are with George's family.

      Such a lost to the organization. George was a true Marine that had love for his family and his Corps. After leaveing Vietnam, I had not seen George until the reunion in Reno. He had changed very little, still dedicated to his duty and the Corps. It was my pleasure to have served with such a great Marine.

      Semper Fi, George

      Mark Behnke
      HML 367 69/70


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        More about George

        I've been thinking about George all day, remembering the many things about the man, most amusing, some not. I remember when there was a dicussion on Popasmoke as to whether the H-46 could water taxi. There was more than one picture on Popasmoke of the H-46 taking a dive below the waves. George emailed me and asked me what the answer was. I replied that the bird could water taxi, in fact I attached pictures to prove it. But you had better make sure the ramp seals were intact. I got a one sentence email back from George which said "Why have you not posted this to Popasmoke". George took his role as an instructor seriously and made sure that I did too.

        If I got interesting photo assignments I would send him copies. One he particularly liked was a concert by a very leggy pop star called "Ashanti". I pointed out that it only looked like I was on the stage with her, I was actually about 100 meters away, using a 600mm lens. George said "Right, I could protest all I wanted to, he admired the way I volunteered for the tough jobs".

        I covered a USMC Reserve transport unit being called to active duty. The CO, a Lt Col, and the Sergeant Major were both lawyers, working for the same law firm. The SM was the managing partner and the CO quite a lot junior. The SM said that he had the best job in the unit and had no desire to be an officer. George agreed with him

        George, nobody is going to be able to fill the hole you've just left.


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          IN RESPECTS...."I BARELY KNEW YE..."

          So, here it is.

          I knew George, briefly, but I did have the honor- online- to speak to him. It crushed me to know that someone I personally knew from this site is gone.

          It was my dream to finally soon, get to meet everyone here in person at a reunion. I guess the reunion date with myself and George will be the Big One. That is fine...but, it saddens me in my a selfish way....ohhh,...for I know him as a loving and a smart soul.....the earth is void one less totally valuable human being.

          The Angel picked her favorite man .....How can we Deny Her?

          George....I hardly knew ye.....

          Guess I will see you soon enough...

          Semper Fidelis

          to the rest of you...

          Cindi/aka Kabal.


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            I am at a loss for words other than my condolences to the Curtis Family and Curt's friend's. George was my Maintenance Chief in '364 in the mid '80's when the squadron was reactivated. He was instrumental in training me as a crewchief, mech and as a Marine. He was great leader who cared about his Marines, he demanded a lot, but gave you back twice as much. Curt, you will be missed. God Bless.

            Joe Kelly
            HMM-364 '85-89


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              All Marine

              This is a sad day in our history. George was all Marine and got the mission accomplished on every occasion. With men like this our organization succeeded beyond anyone's dreams. He will be missed and as President Reagan said:

              "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering
              if they've made a difference. The Marines don't
              have that problem."

              Semper Fi, George and rest in peace
              S/F Les Williams


              • #22
                Mgysgt George Curtis

                'WE' had our disagreements, but George was always "ON TOP', he knew his business, he knew the corps, he knew how to be "VP'. He was a true "MARINE' in all sence of the word, George will be missed. SEMPER FIDELIS are words he lived buy.
                **GySgt [J.D.] MACK McKernan {Retired}**
                {VMO-6, Quang Tri} **{Mar69-Mar70}**


                • #23
                  Top Curtis - A Fine Marine

                  I was truly saddened to learn of Curt's untimely death.

                  George was always on hand to help with PopASmoke and HMM-363 issues. The visions of Vietnam section of our website is a memorable testament to his hard work and dedication.

                  George provided words of comfort to a close friend whose son (a Cobra Pilot) was killed in Iraq and worked with him to secure additional information.

                  He was the epitomy of a "fine" Marine.

                  God bless and keep you Curt.


                  • #24
                    Semper Fidelis my brother---Go with God.


                    • #25
                      I would like to thank everyone for all the kind words about my father.

                      He loved the Marine Corps and popasmoke and it was the greatest joy in his life for the last 5 years to be able to help so many Marines, corpsman and families. He was proud of what the site had become and he had great respect for all of you.

                      I spoke at length with Wally a few times on the telephone in the last few days and I cannot thank him enough for all the emotional support. It means alot. Budster dropped by the house last night as well and had a nice chat with my mother and I, and I hope to see him again soon. Everyone has been so supportive and believe me, it means alot. one of these days when my mother is ready, I will let her read through this thread as I am sure she will be proud (as I am) to read what an impact he had on so many of you.

                      He left quite a legacy behind here and I know he will be proud as he watches it continue to grow. In the coming days I'm going to be digging through his photos and as I find them I will continue to share them with all of you, his brothers (and sisters).

                      Many people have asked if they could donate or send flowers and cards... my mother has asked not to send any flowers (since they die so easily). We are thinking about establishing some kind of a fund or scholorship in his name, but we haven't quite decided what yet. When we made any concrete decisions, I will be sure to let you all know.

                      Our home address is as follows:

                      58 A highview Street
                      Norwood, MA 02062

                      For those of you who would like to read the obituary, here is a link:


                      There is also a guest book for people to leave messages, either for my father or for my family. Please feel free to sign it - I know my mother and I will be happy to see how many other people who were touched by my dad.


                      Thanks again for everything. My father was proud to be a Marine and extremely proud of his work here at popasmoke. If I can do anything, answer any questions or help with travel arrangements for those of you who may be attending the services, please feel free to email or call me:


                      Semper Fi

                      George T Curtis Jr.


                      • #26
                        Monday September 26

                        Burial with full military honors will be held at Highland cemetery in Norwood, Massachusetts on Monday 9/26 at 10 am.


                        Reception to follow at the Norwood VFW Post at 11 am.



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                          Semper Fi Brother
                          All above have said it all. U was many times in different sqd with george as was an Outstanding Marine.
                          top A


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                            Rest In peace Brother ,May God"s Grace Shine On You. SF


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                              Donna L. Goguen <>

                              I tried to post something, but since I'm not a Marine I can't. But I am retired US ARMY. So I will at least get to tell all of you. I am sorry for the loss of George T. Curtis. He was a wonderful friend, a good husband and father and a damn good Marine. I spoke with his wife Sharon tonight, and she told me to go to and I did. It was so nice to see all the wonderful words you all had to say about George. You see I used to work for George back in the early to mid seventies. He was a recruiter in Norwood. And I'd make calls, send out info to all the High School grads, and set up his appts. That's how we met. I've even been to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Sharon and George. In fact, I lived with Sharon and George for awhile. I needed a place to stay and they were there for me. I remember when George Jr. was born. I can picture George walking into the office and tossing his hat on the table and him saying what've you got for me today. Since I heard of his death from my Mom, I've been remembering so many things about George. He touched so many lives and was loved by many. I know he is watching over us all. God Rest his soul. God Bless all of you also. Keep up the good work here. From what I can see this is an awesome site.
                              Donna L. Goguen
                              Retired USA.


                              • #30
                                George Curtis

                                Semper Fi, George! We "grunts" always appreciated a ride in a bird. Now the big bird in the sky is taking you to meet with all the brothers who have gone before you. You gave of yourself in Vietnam and continued to do so by helping others on this website. You are missed.