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MGySgt George T. Curtis

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  • MGySgt George T. Curtis

    It is my sad duty to report the death of POPASMOKE V.P. and my good friend George Curtis this past weekend.

    Burial with full military honors will be held at Highland cemetery in Norwood, Massachusetts on Monday 9/26 at 10 am.

    Reception to follow at the Norwood VFW Post at 11 am.

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    Semper Fi, George

    It's at times like this when one wishes they could come up with the right words to express the great sadness we all feel upon hearing such bad news. I guess just speaking from the heart is the best I can hope to do.

    For many reunions, and on the website, George has always been one of the guys you could count on to ensure that the job got done, and done right...a reflection I am sure of how he approached challenges he dealt with in the Marine Corps, Vietnam, etc. His dedicated work ethic behind the scenes for "Pop A Smoke" was well known by those who worked with him. He never sought out recognition for what he did, he just got the mission accomplished with a tremendously deep commitment to his fellow Marines. The organization has truly lost one of its best. Pictured below is our webmaster Wally Beddoe and "Curt" at the 2002 Reunion in Pensacola.

    This is a terrible, tragic loss. Semper Fi, George...we will meet again.

    Roger Herman
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      To George

      When I logged onto Popasmoke this morning I saw the post in the obituary column about George Curtis, I had the feeling of "Oh God, let it be a mistake." But I'm afraid it isn't.

      Over the years I received many pictures from Curt, to work on with Photoshop to see if I could improve them. I took a quick look through my files and found these 3 showing him as a young sergeant/crew chief. I know there are others. I never served with Curt, so I have no pictures I took myself. I always intended to take his picture at Re-unions in his "coat of many colors" but he was such a mobile fireball, I couldn't get him to stand still while he was in range. I am glad to see that Wally had his picture taken with George.

      We often exchanged emails, with him saying, "Can you tone that down a bit". I remember when someone made a personal attack on me, George rode to the rescue, putting the attacker firmly in his place. I got the idea where he stood in the hierarchy of this country when my daughter, who works as a physicist at Lincoln Labs was getting her security clearance. Because I was born in England I drew the attention of the Security watchdogs. "He knows Marine Corps Lt General Karamarkavich", she said. "Oh yes", they said, "anyone else". "Master Gunnery Sergeant Curtis". Now that means something", they said. He can easily BS a General but no-one BSs a USMC senior NCO".

      Goodbye George. You were one of the best. My heart goes out to your family and my prayers are with you.

      You shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
      Age shall not weary you nor the years condemn.
      At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
      We will remember you.
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        On George Curtis

        I cannot recall attending a single reunion at which George Curtis was not busy as hell selflessly working on Popasmoke business while we were all walking around shopping and visiting. This is a really big loss for the organization. One only has to look through each discussion string and see just how much this man did for us. He was always around to answer questions and provide information. Tough, tough man to lose.

        Prayers and kind wishes to his family and close friends.



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          I never got to meet George, but he always answered my questions.

          Will miss you George.

          Hand salute ready two.

          Semper Fi,


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            Although I never met George, I felt like I knew him. So many parts of this site have his finger prints all over them. He truly was a glue that helped bind us together and will be sorely missed. One can only imagine the load he took of Wally in the everyday transactions on this site. George let Chesty know we're carrying on!!! Semper Fi

            Randy Monroe
            Sgt HML-167


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              RTB George Curtis

              Through the exchanged emails and from the few times when we spoke, he always impressed me as all "Marine", and that is how I will remember him.

              God Speed and Semper Fi -
              Joseph "Jake" Jacobs
              HMM-262 Combat Helicopter Association


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                Final Flight

                Hope the final flight is smooth ,you will be sorely missed by many. A large load for your friend Wally! God Speed , SF PM


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                  For the Curtis Family

                  You loaned us a hard working Marine who for many years made a tremendous difference in the Marine Corps and later here at the USMC Combat Helicopter Association in every way. He ran the "visual website" with much effort, and tremendous success. He went out of his way to answer inquiries of anyone, Marine or otherwise, on our Notam Board. He contributed significantly as Vice President and Board Member of Popasmoke.

                  You can be proud of his contributions, as we were dependent on them. We will miss him, and will look forward to greeting him one fine day on those Marine guarded "streets of heaven".

                  Here's a hearty farewell to you, brother,
                  Alan H. Barbour, Historian
                  USMC Combat Helicopter Assoc
                  "Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"


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                    As I read of the passing of George, I like everyone was shocked and sadden. What a tragic loss not only for our organization but for his family and close friends . He will be truly missed.

                    SEMPER FI MARINE !!

                    Gary Alls
                    HMM-263 66-67


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                      For George

                      A few more I found
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                        I am at a total loss as to what to say about my friend, neighbor and consumate Marine MGSgt. George "Curt" Curtis! George contacted me a few years ago to let me know a fellow HMM-363 crewmate lived in the same town and what a coincidence that was. I met him a short time later at the wake of another family friend and fellow Marine who had died unexpectedly. From there we shared many memories of serving in the same squadron, he arriving in country for the first time right after I had left. The knowledge and stamina this man had was phenomenal. We enjoyed each others company in P-Cola in 2002. Had a blast, even though he worked a lot in Reno in 2004. Drove him and the Grand Marshall in the Caddy with the top down in the local Memorial Day parade this year and he loved it. Said sure beats marching on a hot day! Now this close friend and fellow Marine is gone and I can not begin to tell you the loss I feel about the empty seat beside me. This organization has lost a truly Great Man and a Marine of exceptional calibre. My deepest sympathy to his family, friends and most of all us. Semper Fi my brother, please stand guard over us all as the brightest light in God's Kingdom. Peace Marine, Budster!!


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                          A life time of dedication

                          My deepest condolences to George's family.

                          I remember when George came to HML367 in Phu Bai. I was told by older, very experienced Marines at the time that "he was back". They said he was excellent, experienced, and an asset to the squadron. My experiences with George proved them correct.

                          Years later as a civilian, I met an old friend from Phu Bai. I mentioned George's name and immediately the person said, "Oh, yeah! I know George well. He taught me so much."

                          When I finally joined Pop-a-Smoke and subsequently had questions, George was, as usual, an invaluable resource.

                          God speed, George.

                          Mike Spain


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                            Can't find the words

                            To say that Curt will be missed would be the understatement of the decade. God bless and safe journey,

                            Cpl Ski


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                              Hell of a Marine

                              I never had the pleasure of meeting Mgsgt Curtis in person, but like many here on the website, he answered many of my questions. I served in HMM-261, and was at New River in the early 80's when he was stationed there. I found out that I knew a lot of the same Marines he did. My prayers go out to him and his family. This makes what I went through with Hurricane Katrina seem small and insignificant, puts it all into persepective. It is a sad day indeed. Semper Fi Top, and Gods speed.

                              Chris Breaux
                              Garfield 411
                              UH-1N and CH-53D
                              Crew Chief
                              UH-1N and CH-53D