To All of Col. Duffy's Friends and Those That Served With Him,

As you know, Col. Duffy has been in a battle with cancer for the past couple of years. My heart is heavy having to report to you that Duff is being briefed for his final mission. What a great Marine and friend he has been to the many that have had the opportunity to serve with or know him. Always a first with a great laugh, smile and handshake, yet extremely firm in the ways of our Corps and duty to our great country. Flying with Duff heading into a hot zone, you knew his judgement on how to get in and out, keeping the crew as safe as possible, was the best. He would not let you down. Please put Duff and his family at the top of your prayer list. I hope he saves me a place in his new squadron.
Semper Fi,
Larry (Pops)

Cards of friendship and prayer may be sent to:
Col./Mrs. Dennis Duffy
470 Lotus Dr. N.
Mandeville, LA 70471