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Gunnery Sgt Will Reeves "The Gunny's Bark"

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  • Gunnery Sgt Will Reeves "The Gunny's Bark"

    Dear Greg, Bobbette & Charlie;

    Gunny can't weight more than 75 pounds. His legs are only bone and no meat. He hasn't had a thing to eat or drink since last Thursday, a week ago. He's heavily medicated, doesn't do anything but sleep. The nurse told me it (his passing) is a few days away. He is very weak and going fast. I talked to his wife, Michiko. She thinks he listens to her and re-acts to her voice, but we both know that is not true. Gunny is going to be cremated. Michiko is going to live alone against my suggestions that she moves in with her daughter. Gunny's daughter is outstanding in working to organize his affairs. She is great. She has taken the ball and really ran a touchdown...hope my daughter does as well when my time comes. I plan to visit Michiko every Wednesday as usual to check up on her. She is 74. Frail. Pray for our Warrior, our Brother. We'll be with him some day and he'll remember how he was treated...and there is no escaping the wrath of a Gunnery Sergeant!

    Please inform Pop-A-Smoke of the situation here and remember him. When services are set for Gunny, I hope those around will attend. I'll keep you all informed. I have bonded very close to Gunny over the past four years and ver happy for the elationship we had. We have become very close. I'm honored that he considered me a friend. I'm honored that you Marines have accept me as his friend.

    There is nothing anyone can do for Gunny now but say a pray. I have to help his wife & daughter. I've dedicated all my free time to help with all the VA crap we need to do. He is my brother. Semper Fidelis, Marines.

    S/F, Norm

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    Thank you for being there. Semper Fi.


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      I am very sad to learn that Will passed away.
      I met him on ebay, many moons ago...and what a gentleman he
      is. I will always think of what a loyal man he was to his country, wife, friends, etc. I will miss his gruff and honest rants and emails very much.

      Rest in Piece Sir! MadMaven/T.S.Heisele