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Uh-1e 153762 Vmo-2/6

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  • Uh-1e 153762 Vmo-2/6

    From: Larry Abston <>

    I occasionally fly a UH-1E for the Collings Foundation. This aircraft, BU# 153762 served, according to our records, with VMO-2 and VMO-6 in Vietnam. I hope to meet those who served with this aircraft in country and learn of their service.

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    Uh-1e 153762

    I flew the aircraft twice in January of 1969, for a total of 4.8hours. New Years Day accounted for 4.0, must have been celebrating.
    Kurt Mason - Smoke


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      Anyone else with history on this huey?

      Thanks Smoke,
      I appreciate your mission information for this aircraft. We are still hoping for more history on the aircraft. Anyone else who flew this aircraft in Nam and is willing to share so we can fill in the history? We have it placed at Marble Mountain with VMO-2 in January of '69 so far........
      Keeping them flying!!


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        I flew this aircraft on Nov. 3, 1970 for a total of 4.3 hours. From the mission code: 1R7 it was a slick, not a gun bird so my guess is that it was one of the 5 or 6 slicks in HML-167, we had over 30 aircraft total in the squadron and most were gunships. We now know that at least in Nov. 1970 UH-1E 153762 was assigned to HML-167 MCAF Marble Mountain, Vietnam.


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          Excellent, thanks Allyn for the post, I will add that to our information.


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            This aircraft also served with HML-367 on Okinawa in late 1972.


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              Tom, Thank you, yes the only photos we have of the aircraft in service is as VT-6 with HML-367 flying over Okinawa, of course at that point it had returned to non-combat white lettering and tail numbers. We think it went to HML-367 around June of '71. Any ideas on that? We would love to find photos of the aircraft in service in country, unfortunately most photos do not include the tail and bu#.


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                I got to Okinawa on my second wespac tour in Jan. 1975 flying KC-130's with VMGR-152. During all of 1975 HML-367 at Futema was still flying the "E" models. When I left Okinawa in March 1976 HML-367 was just getting their first few "N" models. HML-167 left Vietnam in Jun. 1971 so many of their aircraft may have gone to Okinawa. In late 1971 HML-167 at New River started getting the "N" models. My best guess is that as HML-367 got the "N" models their "E" models either went to reserve squadrons, or the bone yard.


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                  153762 carried the code TV-27 according to HML-167 After Action Reports (15 May 70; 12 Mar 71).


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                    Great, Thank you, another area of investigation to start down - Larry


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                      #153762 Uh-1e, Vmo-2

                      OK, from my log book, my first flight in this a/c was 24 Nov. 67, probably out of Marble Mt. Co-pilot was Joe Cestare, crew was R.E.Deal and L.Simpson. Flight code was 1T4 (anybody remember what those were?). I'll see if I can find and attach the after-action report. Yep - it was in support of HMM-363, insert on hill 25, team was "impressive", refueled An Hoa 2 or 3 times, med-evacs, etc. Somebody from 363 (Paul Sheean(sp?) maybe) would have their after-action reports. My last flights in it were during Tet, Feb. 29 '68, and then one more on Mar. 7, just before I left.
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                        #153762 again

                        Forgot to mention, I found an old popasmoke notam printout in my log book from 2004. It is: NOTAM>Warbirds>HUEY(Moriarty)>UH-1E BuNo 153762and it has a picture of Jim attached... I couldn't find it again just now. Anybody know what that is all about?


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                          #153762 UH-1E, HMM-363 after-action report

                          This looks like the associated HMM-363 after-action report for 24 Nov. 67. Pilot was Coady, co-pilot Fischer, crew was St??? and Ma??? 18 sorties, 9 tasks, 6 med-evacs, took small arms fire at ??
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                            Ben, I'm told 1T4 was an Armed Escort mission. Thanks for the after action report. This is exactly the kind of detailed mission information we are looking for to piece together the history of the aircraft. Thanks so much as well for the information on your crew.


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                              Re: HMM-363 After Action Report

                              [SIZE="3"]The M is for Maddox, Angus Wayne and the S is Steele, Dewey E and 1st LT Wayne Fischer was the co pilot and the Pilot is/was Eric Coady Capt.[/SIZE]

                              Brook Stevenson
                              9/'67 - 10/'68