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    Wingers & Grunts ..........

    Joe & et al ....

    Had an incident in Jan '68 on a trip into Lang Vei with a group of SF and
    ARVN Rangers ..... started taking some fire on the way in and the SF
    boyz , knocked out all the windows and began bustin' caps.

    One standing next to me, hollered: "How can you stand to be in this SOB!
    You're a sittin' duck!" ............

    I replied: "You just watch this 'sittin' duck' leave the area as soon as you
    get off!" ...... as we continued to blast away.

    That, BTW, was just prior to there being "tanks in the wire" and on top of
    the bunkers at LV.

    Back in the late 90s I attended a reunion of ARVN Rangers in Galveston.
    Some there had been at LV and I met and talked to one that might have
    been on that flight that day. 'tiz a small world.

    It was their 30th Reunion, so it must have been '98. I've got the program
    from the dinner around here somewhere.

    John, we had similar "careers" I was an F8 plane captain at NAS Dallas and
    then went the gunner route in Vn. Dearly loved the F8 and still do.

    Might have the chance to work on a 53 again, if and when the VMAP in Fort
    Worth gets one.
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      wingers, and Grunts

      Mike I know what you mean. We had the 9th MAB knock out the rest of the windows we had in the first part of '69. I much would rather be on the Bird, than back on the ground with them. They felt the same way. lol. Neither wanted each others job. Least I had a very good 50 to back me up. Seems I could use it very well for sure. Glad you were able to meet up with some of the men you were with on that mission. It is for sure. In '98, I went back for my 30th to I Corps, still all kinds of bomb craters. Nothing would still grow in them. Have good ones. S/F, READY-APP.


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        wingers, and Grunts

        Mike sliped about the F-8. I loved those things too. They were up most all the time, and pilots could do anything with them. The F-8 actually beat the phantom, but the top brass wanted a twin engine Bird anyway, so it got the shaft. Hope you get the 53. Very good chance you will, as some are getting bit times on them, and it'd be cheaper to farm them out, than moth ball them, I believe. S/F, and READY-APP.


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          Sittin' Ducks!

          One standing next to me, hollered: "How can you stand to be in this SOB!
          You're a sittin' duck!" ............
          I heard this all the time Mike!! My response was the same or similar to yours!!!!
          Semper Fidelis

          Phu Bai tower:
          YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
          Remember, These are "A" models!
          YW-11 BuNo-151939
          '65 Model CH-46A


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            sitting ducks

            I too heard this often. It took guts to Fly and stay with it. They didn't have it. S/F, and READY-APP.