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Last CH46s made

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  • Last CH46s made

    158334/158345 Boeing Vertol CH-46F Sea Knight
    Semper Fidelis

    George T. Curtis

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    Last H-46

    At 11.00 on 2 February, 1971, at the Vertol plant in Morton Pa, the final H-46 was accepted for the US Marine Corps by General 'Dan' Hill, DC/S (Air).

    Since 30 April, 1962, a total of 624 H-46s had been delivered to the USMC.


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      Made two trips to Morton.

      The first was in '66 to pick up my "lucky bird" that was mine in 'Nam, 151937.

      The second trip was to pick up 152519 when we were forming up 302. That airframe ended up later being "surplused" by HMM165 (of which I'm a plank owner) at Phu Bai.

      Had a ball both times. We got there on a Thursday night and I pulled the acceptance inspections on Friday. Both times I found just enough gripes ( at the drivers request, of course) that we had to end up staying the weekend.

      First time I was a lowley Lcpl. and totaly broke, the second I was a Sgt. E-5, but married. No fun runs for the kid to the "Big Apple".
      Oh boy! More Ham 'n Muthas


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        Last CH-46s Made

        Sorry George,

        Joe Baugher's BuNo listing is just that, a listing of BuNos. Just because they are assigned in the list doesn't mean they were built. He doesn't show it, but Boeing Vertol CH-46F Sea Knight 158334/158345 were cancelled and never built.

        Last CH-46 built was Boeing-Vertol CH-46F, c/n 2625, BuNo 157726, accepted by BuWepsRep, Flight Readiness, Morton PA on 31 Jan 71, delivered to HMM-264 on 18 Mar71 by Tom Thompson, (see his thread "Phirst Phleet Phlight Of The Phinal Phrog.") The actual "acceptance ceremony" might have been on 2 Feb, but on paper, it was 31 Jan. BTW, 157726 is currently EM-06 with HMM-261; thirty-seven years young!



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          Phabulous Phrogs!

          Good info, thanks!
          Semper Fidelis

          Phu Bai tower:
          YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
          Remember, These are "A" models!
          YW-11 BuNo-151939
          '65 Model CH-46A


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            N6675D Still at Work JUL 14, 2010

            Aircraft Description

            Serial Number 5 Type Registration Corporation
            Manufacturer Name BOEING-VERTOL Certificate Issue Date 05/16/2007
            Model 107-II Status Valid
            Type Aircraft Rotorcraft Type Engine Turbo-shaft
            Pending Number Change None Dealer No
            Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 52150505
            MFR Year 1962 Fractional Owner NO
            Attached Files

            Raymond J. Norton
            1513 Bordeaux Place
            Norfolk, VA 23509-1313

            (757) 623-1644