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LCpl Escobedo, MIA, Research Input

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  • LCpl Escobedo, MIA, Research Input

    LCpl Julian Escobedo became MIA on 1 Sep 1969. Ch 53a mission returning to Phu Bai. West of Phu Bai. 4 bodies of crew recovered. Not Julian.

    Texas Tech University has the world’s most extensive Viet Nam War library. They have documents about LCpl Escobedo which are restricted to in house library access only. trying to obtain them. They may just be what is already documented by the DIA and agency which searches for MIAs. These are readily available. I don’t know what the documents at TTU contain. But I’ll keep you all posted.

    Was a dark and suddenly stormy night. Roaring winds out of east and north.

    I visited LCpl Bob Marsh’s grave in Binghamton NY, 2016, and put flowers on his grave and said a prayer.

    Semper Fi

    Jeff Swanson.

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    Texas Tech will send documents. Will send 100$ donation to the library in honor of LCpl Escobedo.

    Would like to talk with some of you about ideas to ask the MIA search authorities to look again. One forensic search was done.

    Rugged territory. Immediate crash site was searched. I wonder if Julian was flung out...maybe 100 yds or more from crash site. Maybe a helmet or fragments could be located? Anyway...50 yrs ago today. Jeff Swanson
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      Would like to talk with any CH 53a pilot who flew in Viet Nam. Jeff Swanson 505-850-3339 I was a gunner. I want to know about communication capabilities and navigation. Am making case to take one more look for Julianíís remains. A visit to the crash site was made in the 90s. No results.
      If we can determine the likely flight path, impact and crash site...we may be able to determine an area to inspect. Texas Tech has volunteered to help with 1969 and current maps. A pilotís perspective is crucial.
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