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YP13 whereabouts as of today?

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  • YP13 whereabouts as of today?

    Greetings all. I am a avid history reader and the event that YP13 was involved in is something that etched in history as well as all other sorties.
    I was wondering what ever happened to James Farley and Wayne Hoilien after the war. Does anyone still keep in contact with them? And what became of the men of that UH-34 and the helicopter itself.
    I am a 29 yr old navy reservist and i have the tribute books of Larry Burrows (REQUIEM AND LARRY BURROWS VIETNAM). I would like to have Mr Farley or Hoilien sign one of my books. I have a lot of respect for all the Vietnam Veterans and i help out whenever my local chapter of veterans are having a fundraiser.


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    YP-13 Whereabouts as of Today


    Im surprised that someone from the Ridge Runners during the '64-'65 timeframe hasn't responded to you by now. I was in HMM-163 in Vietnam when Larry Burrows was living with us to do a piece on YP-13. Larry got caught up in the fray in March '65 that resulted in the Life Magazine issue with Jim Farley on the cover. In '69 while operating out of LZ Vandergrift with HMM-262 on MedEvac, I ran into Larry Burrows again at Charlie Med. He still had a ton of cameras hanging around his neck. We talked about his stint with us in DaNang in '65 and other things. He was a great photographer and a true gentleman. It was a shame that he later lost his life in a helo crash, but Larry was doing what he like to do.

    With his permission, I can get you in touch with Jim Farley. I don't know where Wayne Hoilien is? As to the whereabouts of YP-13, I can tell you that the aircraft was inducted into the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. I was working for a Congressman '76-'80, and one day I wandered into the Museum to browse. There was a section set up to represent "Vietnam during the war days", and I almost fell over when I saw YP-13 right there big as life with a complete history of its existence in-country. When the Museum changes displays, I'm not too sure where the birds go, but I would wager that the Museum still has YP-13 stored somewhere (in Maryland, I believe). But I'm sure that you can get that info from the Museum.

    So, that's my contribution. Let me know if you still want to locate Jim Farley, and I'll try to get ahold of him. I haven't seen Jim for about 6 years. You can email me at SF, Paunch


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      You can email me at or call me on my cell at 248 231 6505. Or anyone else with information.
      I tried your email address but it doesnt work.

      Thomas R Gourneau