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Can someone Help a Sister?!

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  • Can someone Help a Sister?!

    Received from Dawn Beuster-Sparger:

    My brother was CPL Ronald L Beuster. I was 7yrs old when his helicopter went down in the vicinity of KyHa Quang Tin Province Repulbic of Vietnam. He was in YZ-86. Did you know him? Can you help me in finding someone who might have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dawn Beuster-Sparger

    You can find the incident here:

    KIA Incident 660204

    I have communicated with Dawn and promised her that she would hear from squadron mates of Cpl Ron Beuster. Photo #27 in the Visions section confirms that Ron was with HMM-163 in the 1965-1966 time frame (don't know when he came to HMM-363). Could you post her request under HMM-163, as well, to give members from that squadron a heads up?

    I see your photo with squadron coordinators prepping the zone for the reunion. Is that iced tea Tripper is drinking?

    Have a ball & I hope to meet you at the next gaggle.
    Lowell Johnson

    Brook Stevenson
    9/'67 - 10/'68

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    Ron Buester HMM163 64-65

    The 64-65 HMM-163 guys discussed this thread during the reunion in Ft. Worth. I 'm quite sure Dawn will be getting lots of info on her brother.
    Skip Miller


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      Thanks Guys

      [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3]I knew some of you guys could and would help. Thanks a lot. I hope she can find all she can and peace.[/SIZE][/FONT]

      Brook Stevenson
      9/'67 - 10/'68


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        Ron Beuster KIA 02/66

        Does the name Ron Stoud (or anything similar) ring a chime? Cpl Beuster's family had a visit from a Marine ten or more years ago and wonder if the individual is still around. Also, any HMM-363 members from the late '65 or early '66 time frame who flew, knew, or have any recollections of Ron Beuster are encouraged to contact his sister, Dawn, whose e-mail appears earlier in this thread. She has had several contacts from HMM-163 members who knew her brother from the '64-'65 era and is very appreciative of the info shared. She is getting to know her brother (and his Marine brothers) after all these years!

        S/F Lowell Johnson