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HMM-164 Popasmoke Reunion 2014 San Diego Town and Country Resort & Convention Center

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  • HMM-164 Popasmoke Reunion 2014 San Diego Town and Country Resort & Convention Center

    Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, San Diego CA
    *1-800-872-8527 or 1-619-291-7131

    Interim HMM 164 Squadron assistant part time Gopher and semi- reluctant House Mouse!
    Chuck Nowotny, Contact in San Diego 1. 714.673.2388 Until further notice and room assignment.

    Mission Frag Order:
    (Tentative agenda based on adequate volunteerism, resources and interest)
    All specific squadron only agenda items notated in Bold lettering

    Thursday, 11 Sep 2014:

    0830 - 1700 Registration Open/SNAFU Desk Open.
    Gentlemen, due to the usual SNAFU’s, our Squadron Hooch situation has been unfunded at this time. Thus, I am asking that as early as possible on Thursday afternoon, that the men of HMM-164 be called on to make a general donation to the Hooch fund for the operation and supply of our Hospitality Room and the required amenities. I will also ask for volunteers to accompany me to either the local Costco, Wal* Mart or if someone has the required lifer paperwork or passport, to the package store at M.C.R.D. for an initial supply of needed supplies to provision for the a successful operation of a Hooch or Hospitality Room.

    1. Contact me at the hotel, as I should be arriving some time shortly after noonish with my wife and my POV. I am supplying an ample supply of all of the hard liquor one could ever want to souse themselves with.
    [That is if there should there be any of you left with the ability or desire to consume mass quantities of alcoholic beverages.]

    • Jim Beam Bourbon whisky
    • Johnny Walker Red Scotch
    • J&B Scotch Whisky
    • Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila
    • Rot Gut Ron Rico Rum
    • Gordon’s Gin
    • Smirnoff Vodka
    • And more!!!

    2. If anyone has occasion to arrive earlier than I, we could use some one to assist in collecting any documenting any voluntarily said donations prior to my arrival.

    Important Updates!

    Be advised, as of September 5th, (yesterday) I successfully ended the search for and was provided the financial records and existing funds of the old HMM-164 Association. The monies were given to me in trust so as to try and attempt to reorganize and if possible breath some new life and interest in the HMM-164 Veterans Association which has seen dramatic dwindling of participants over the decades since its conception. This evinced by the last Squadron sponsored Reunion in Reno. I was authorized by the past trustee and treasurer, Joe James and by Phil Rogers to , as needed access the funds for our squadrons use at the current reunion upcoming in San Diego 11, Sept to 14 Sept. ’14. This was a great relief to me personally as I just recently picked up the task of applying chewing gum and bailing wire to our units pending plight in San Diego. All voluntarily donations will be used to stock the room with an adequate amount of refreshments: * Expected attendance of 18 – 20 members plus their guests and visiting Marines from HMM- 164 T.


    1. Beer (At suggestive minimum of a case of 24 each)
    a. Budweiser,
    b. Corona,
    c. Sam Adams,
    d. Miller,
    e. Bud Lite,
    f. Miller Lite,
    g. _???.)
    2. Wine(s) (Mimimum 4 bottles each)
    A. Chardonnay
    B. Cabernet?
    3. Soft drinks (Minimum 24 Can case each)
    A. Coke,
    B. Pepsi,
    C. Diet Coke
    D. Diet Pepsi
    E. 7-Up,
    i. Tonic Water, (Minimum of a 12 pack)
    ii. Ginger Ale
    4. Bottled Water (Minimum of 2 cases, 24 bottles each)
    5. Coffee (?)
    A. I’m searching for the use of an adequate coffee brewer for the hooch. If I find one, I’ll get some coffee to accommodate the coffee drinkers.
    6. Orange Juice for Screw Drivers (Minimum of 2 gallons each)
    7. Tomato Juice for Bloody and Virgin Mary’s
    8. Margarita Mix

    Bar Accessories:
    1. Lemons
    2. Limes
    3. Cherry’s
    4. Celery Sticks
    5. Salty bar snack Mixes containing indistinguishable small doo daddy things allegedly eatable.
    6. Worcestershire sauce Tobacco Sauce
    7. Sugar cubes ( one box)
    8. Creamer ( one package of dry)
    9. TBD?

    Accoutrements such as:

    Paper and plastic goods
    1. Paper bowls for bar snacks
    2. Bar Napkins
    3. Swizzle sticks
    4. Clear plastic cups for mixers!
    5. Red Plastic cups for sophisticated beer drinkers.
    6. Hot cups for coffee.

    Note:The items above are suggested at this late stage of the plan. It probably is too much and any of your suggestions would be as oft stated.., greatly appreciated!

    Thursday, 11 Sep 2014: (cont)

    0830 - 1700 Vendor Area Open
    1. '164 Preperation of L.Z. at the (TBA) assigned Squadron Hootch. *
    Insertion, deployment, resupply and construction of a Harbor site.

    1300 - 1600 Board of Directors Meeting (Pop-a-Smoke).
    If Available and when L.Z. is secured, the Hooch LZ will open ASAP to all Members and their guests to have a gathering point prior to the buffet dinner.
    Currently there are no staffing provisions for the operation of the hooch, It is incumbent at this time that there be a coterie of involuntary volunteers skilled in tossing mixed drinks, affable bar tenders and volunteers to conduct resupply missions as needed.

    1800 - 2100 Welcome Buffet Dinner and Cash Bar

    Friday, 12 Sep 2014:

    0800 - 1000 Registration Open/SNAFU Desk Open.
    0800 - 1500 Golf Tournament, MCAS Miramar (description follows).
    0800 (?)- 1600 '164 Squadron Hootch Open as needed and occupied *
    0800 - 1700 Vendor Area Open.
    0830 - 1230 MCRD Recruit Graduation
    0900 - 1500 City Tour & La Jolla
    1200 - 1700 Registration Open/SNAFU Desk Open
    1800 - 2000 '164 Squadron Dinner
    2000 – Mid Rat Hours '164 Squadron Hootch. *

    Saturday, 13 Sep 2014:

    1300 - 1700 Vendor Area Open.
    0800 (?)- 1700 '164 Squadron Hootch. *
    0800 - 1300 USMC Aircraft Static Display, MCAS Mirimar
    1600(?) (TBD) – (???) HMM '164 Squadron Business Meeting. * All attending members requested to attend for a short meeting to plan the future. (SitRep and planning for revival / renewal of The HMM 164 Helicopter Association and directional guidance.)
    1700 - 1800 Happy Hour. At Hotel Bar or Hooch
    1800 - 2100 Closing Dinner
    2100 – Mid Rat Hours '165 Squadron Hootch! *

    Sunday, 14 Sep 2014:

    Farewells & Departures; End of Deployment
    Hopefully we will by time of departure successfully developed a working plan and the beginning of a new membership data base for the continuation of our unit’s reunion future.


    Semper Fidelis,

    _Chuck Nowotny.,

    Attachment: The much used military term on the patch below certainly describes ​the feckless, dysfunctional and inept current administration. B H O needs to sew this patch on his Faux Air Force One jacket...
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    Re: HMM-164 Popasmoke Reunion 2014 San Diego Town and Country Resort & Convention Ce


    It is my understanding that hootches will be available after 1600 on Wednesday.

    Senior Gopher