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CH-46 Crew, 28 May 1969

Forum Personnel Looking for CH-46 Crew, 28 May 1969

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    Subject: locate Ch 46 crew

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    On May 28, 1969 a CH 46 crew rescued my 6-person 3rd Recon Bn Marine Recon team from a 500 ft cliff just inside Laos on the northern end of the A Shau Valley north of Khe Sanh. We became trapped by the NVA who had come up the eastern sloped side. We had gotten socked in and had fought them off for three days with a lot of help from arty and Spooky. On the 7th day the skies cleared and the OV-10 AO spotted about 50 NVA on the east slope coming in. Two slicks that tried to rescue us were badly shot up and we thought we were goners. The sight for us was watch a CH 46 slowly rise, hugging the cliff all the way up from the valley floor and pulling us off a lower cliff outcrop. We would like to thank the crew and invite them to the 3rd Recon reunion in Tucson sept 2022.

    Floyd Nagler <floydnagler@yahoo.com>

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