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    To all those pilots, helicopters crews, there are no words to explain how we felt on the ground! I served with 1st Recon Bn. 1970-71. More than once did helicopters and gun ships come to our rescue! Being surrounded about to be over run, you guys were like the hand of God. On June 14,1970 our Recon team had walked into an ambush, and it was bad! Real bad! No where to run. We had dead NVA all over. 3 of us were wounded, I was out of ammo. I thought it was all over. We had 2 cobras circling us, when all of a sudden a 46 tries to land, about 50 ft away from us. We tried to make it but by the time we got there the 46 had taken several hit and had to take off. Now I’m thinking about pulling the pin on my last frag and just lay on it. I know that sounds crazy but I wasn’t gonna let them take me alive. 3 machine guns had us pinned down. Just about that time that 46 tries another attempt to pick us up. His nose was hanging over a river but he set his tail down and we all scrambled on. It was a miracle that we got out. If it hadn’t been for all those pilots and crews I wouldn’t be here. All I can say is THANKS with all my heart. You guys looked like angles from heaven to us on the ground!
    ~Robert Grace, 1st Recon Bn.

    Wally "Bytes" Beddoe
    POPASMOKE Webmaster
    Cpl. USMC 1981-1985

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      No one here looking for glory, etc.. However that’s what we did. Lotsa times it was easy peasy… sometimes it wasn’t.
      Welcome home brother….

      Home of the free because of the brave!

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