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      I thought that this forum is supposed to be non political?

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      It is now almost two weeks since the assault on the Capitol Building. We have all seen the videos and read about the ongoing investigations. What actually did and did not happen has clarified.
      Yes, sadly, there were many people wearing clothing proclaiming their military association. We know for a fact that the woman who was shot and killed while breaking in to the House of Representatives was an Air Force veteran. Other veterans were publicly identified in the media.
      We also know that there was no involvement by BLM. BLM did have a peaceful demonstration last summer which was forcefully broken up by the military with tear gas so Trump could have a photo opportunity. There was no evidence of the assertions of widespread fires, etc. as reported by Fox News. The disparity between these two events is shameful.
      The lack of response by police to the assault is an ongoing subject being investigated. -Another shameful aspect of the day.
      It is now abundantly clear that the claims of voter fraud have no basis in fact and the participants who were arrested are all claiming that they were answering the plea of President Trump who was trying to get himself another term.

      Bill Kingston
      HMM-263 ’65 – ’66

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      Dale A Riley
      • HMM-262

      Bill, I was horrified that Congress LET it happen. The head of the Capitol Police had requested backup before it all started but his bosses – the Sargent at Arms for the house and senate refused his request.
      Just last summer downtown DC was on fire with looting mobs, the secret service put up a temporary 8 foot un-scalable fence around the Whitehouse. The Capitol grounds now have one. ????

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      • HML-167

      No arguement with your belief that veteran’s organizations should not condone or provide membership to those that violate the trust, confidence, oath of offfice that we all took as we entered military service.

      I read your concern is with those that tried/or did gain entrance to the halls of congress, not the protesters who were expressing their 1st amendment rights. Distinction I’m making is between “protesters” and “rioters.” Correct me if I’m wrong.

      I believe approximately 170 individuals have so far been charged with various violations of federal statutes.
      If a list is made public after their trial/conviction or you or anyone can provide same we’ll compare it to our member database and take appropriate action.

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      Those that were “active” participants were BLM and Antifa. No veterans in either group that I’ve ever seen. At least not dressed to identify as such. Some Trump supporters were there. but never saw any that damaged anything. Turns out that Many military s=active duty S/F were there on a covert mission….. I think we’ll see and hear more on that very soon.
      Stand by!
      Joe Reed
      HMM-165 1967-68

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      I was horrified to see veterans participating in the insurrection and attack on our nation’s capitol. This is a clear violation of the oath of enlistment we all took. It is also contrary to everything our Association stands for.
      It is therefore incumbent for all veterans organizations to govern themselves and remove those who participated in sedition.
      This action is mandatory if you want to retain me in your organization.
      Bill Kingston
      HMM-263 ’65-’66

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