List of 843 USMC Helicopter
Crewmembers and Passengers KIA in

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Last Name First Name Rank Branch Capacity Squadron Command Incident Date
Gunther Jr. Clarence Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-363 MAG-16 670902
Kimm Clarence PFC USMC Grnd Casualty VMO-2 MAG-16/1stMA 670313
Henry Clarence SSgt (PP) USMC Crew Chief HMM-262 MAG-36 670128
Rice Claude HN USN Corpsman-Crew HMM-361 MAG-16 631008
LaJeunesse Clement GySgt USMC Crew HMM-262 SLF B/USS Tr 670831
Harvey Cleveland 1stLt USMCR Passenger B/1stReconBn 701118
Burdette Clifford LCpl USMC Passenger SubUnit1/1st 701030
Nelson Clyde SSgt USMC Crew HMM-165 MAG-15, 9thM 720711
Lerman Conrad Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-164 MAG-16 680611
Smith Craig Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty HMM-163 MAG-16 680703
Yancey Craig PVT USMC Passenger Recon Team D 700519
Waterman Craig 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-164 MAG-16 670730
May Craig LCpl USMC Passenger H&SCo/1/1 1s 680108
White Craig LCpl USMC Passenger C/1/1 1stMar 680108
Foster Curtis PFC USMC Crew HMM-161 MAG-16 650606
Baker Curtis LT (USNR) USNR Crew VMO-2 MAG-16 670328
Bohlscheid Curtis Capt USMC Pilot HMM-265 MAG-16 670611
Griffith Dale Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-161 H&MS-39/PROV 690607
Greenwood Dale PFC USMC Grnd Casualty HMM-262 H/2/3rdMarin 690307
Diaz Daniel PFC USMC Passenger HQCo/3rdMari 680108
Lessig Daniel 1stLT USMC Co-Pilot HMM-361 MAG-16 631008
Lewis Daniel LCpl USMC Gunner HML-167 MAG-16 690729
Fulwider Daniel Sgt USMC Passenger 3rdMAF 680108
Pesimer Daniel Sgt USMC Gunner HMM-362 MAG-36 680331
Bennett Daniel HM3 USN Corpsman-Crew HMM-365 MAG-16 650717
Bennett Daniel Sgt USMC Crew VMO-6 MAG-36 661114
Giordano Daniel PFC USMC Passenger 2/B/1/9 3dMa 690510
Gard Danny Cpl USMC Crew HMM-262 MAG-36 680228
Hesson Danny LCpl USMC Gunner HML-367 MAG-36 691010
Engesser Danny PFC USMC Medevac F/2/3 3rdMar 670831
Sanders Daunt 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-364 MAG-16 690727
Gloer David 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HML-167 MAG-16 680721
Drake Jr. David HN USN Corpsman-Crew A Co/3rdMedB 660320
Jacobsgaard David Capt USMCR Co-Pilot VMO-6 PROVMAG-39 690228
Skibbe David 2ndLt USMCR Medevac C/1stRecBn 1 700302
Smith David Cpl USMC Crew HML-167 MAG-16 700818
Delozier David LCpl USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 701118
Sterling David 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-364 MAG-16 690126
Frederick David Capt USMC Pilot HMM-164 MAG-16 670730
Gonzales David Sgt USMC Crew HML-167 MAG-16 700321
Mealy David PFC USMC Medevac B/1/7 1stMar 680317
Osborne David PFC USMC Passenger F/2/4 3rdMar 690502
Balades David PFC USMC Passenger H&SCo/3rdSho 680228
Hinz David Cpl USMC Crew HMM-165 MAG-36 680329
Myers David Capt USMCR Passenger K/3/5 1stMar 681120
Dolan David LCpl USMC Gunner HMM-364 MAG-16 690126
Nicholson David Cpl USMC Passenger E/2/9 3rdMar 680108
Webster David Maj USMC Co-Pilot HMM-162 MAG-16 630310
Windsor Jr. David 1stLt USMCR Pilot VMO-2 MAG-11 (DaNa 710428
Bugman David Cpl USMC Crew Chief HML-167 MAG-16 700428
Moser David SSgt USMC Crew Chief HMM-265 MAG-16 661006
Myers David 1stLt USMCR Pilot VMO-3 MAG-36 670608
Nipper David LCpl USMC Passenger D/3rdRECBn 3 641121
Scott Dayne HM2 USN Corpsman-Crew HMM-161 H&MS-39/PROV 681017
Reiter Dean 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-161 MAG-16 660925
Ferguson Dennis Capt USMCR Pilot HMM-163 MAG-16 660320
Tabor Dennis Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-164 MAG-16 660611
Davidson Dennis PFC USMC Passenger A/3rdTankBn 680411
Reardon Dennis 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-364 MAG-16 691129
Siverling Dennis SGT USMC Crew HMM-261 MAG-36, SLF 660203
Andrew Dennis LCpl USMC Passenger K/3/1 1stMar 660321
Grace Dennis 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HML-367 MAG-16 700311
Perry Dennis LCpl USMC Passenger HMM-265 A/3rdReconBn 670630
Christie Dennis LCpl USMC Passenger 3rdForRec, 3 670611
Colburn Jr. Denver Capt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-362 MAG-36 680108
Lanham Donald LCpl USMC Grnd Casualty H&MS-16 MAG-16 690819
Templeton Donald Capt USMC Co-Pilot HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 680921
Reilly Donald Maj USMC Pilot VMO-2 MAG-16 651209
Cooper Donald Cpl USMC Passenger HMM-262 MAG-36 680228
Morin Donald LCpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-161 HMM-161/MAG- 700216
Rhodes Donald Pvt USMC Passenger A/1/9 3rdMar 670107
Akins Donald Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-161 PROVMAG-39 690602
Wright Donald Capt USMC Pilot HMH-361 MAG-16 690901
Davidson Donald LCpl USMC SAR Crew HMM-361 MAG-16 631008
Stahl Donald Sgt USMC Crew Chief HMM-161 MAG-16 660625
Satter Donald PFC USMC Passenger H&SCo/1/4 3r 680606
McPhee Donald GySgt USMC Grnd Casualty VMO-6 MAG-36 651024
Labonte Donald HN USN Passenger H&SCo/2/26 3 680228
Evans Donald Sgt USMC Gunner HMH-463 MAG-16 680501
McBride Donald LCpl USMC Passenger K/3/5 1stMar 681120
Berger Donald Capt USMC Co-Pilot Other MABS-13, MAG 691228
Lammers Donald 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-265 MAG-36 680824
Bosbery Donald 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-364 MAG-16 690411
Jackson Donney HM3 USNR Corpsman-Pass 4/12 3rdMarD 680108
Darrow Donnie Maj USMC Pilot HMM-362 MAG-16 671130
Soulier Duwayne PFC USMC Passenger HQ/7thCommBn 670501
Dillworth Jr. Earl LCpl USMC Passenger M/3/5 1stMar 670501
Falconbury Earl PFC USMC Medevac M/3/4 3rdMar 690314
Byars Earnest LCpl USMC Crew HMM-164 MAG-16 670730
Laye Jr. Edgar PFC USMC Gunner VMO-6 MAG-36 680425
Clem Edward Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-363 MAG-16 671026
Bolan Edward LCpl USMC Gunner HMM-263 MAG-16 690222
Root Edward Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-163 MAG-16 680425
Graboskey Edward PFC USMC Grnd Casualty H&MS-16 MAG-16 651028
Ruvolis Edward Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty HMH-463 MAG-16 680512
Creed Edward HM3 USN Corpsman-Crew HMM-161 HMM-161/MAG- 660625
Connelly Jr. Edward Capt USMCR Pilot HMM-165 MAG-36 680505
Storm Edward MGySgt USMC Passenger L/MarsSPTBn, 691228
Sanchez Edward LCpl USMC Crew VMO-6 PROVMAG-39 690228
Keeble Jr. Edwin 1stLt USMCR Pilot VMO-6 PROVMAG-39 690228

101 through 200 of 843 results.
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