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ALPHI AND ME (And the computer makes three)

By: Ed Creamer

As happens every day, my dog Alphi joins me at the computer while I check my e-mail. He recognizes most of the sender addresses by their smell. Alphi knows cheap beer when he smells it.

At first Alphi thought all those people were a little strange. While I agreed with him, I did let him know they were mostly former Marines with poor memories needing both deodorant and therapy. That seemed to reduce the amount of barking for the time being. Then I opened up e-mail. Alphi reminded me those jokes were so old most had been around since before helicopters were invented. Alphi recognizes old jokes you see.

Some of the guys like to forward things that have been on their mind and they like to share those thoughts. My guess is this sharing comes from their days in combat. Where everyone shared packages they got from home. That’s why one of the guys sent me a picture of a sailboat. On the sailboat was a young lady who had on what might have been considered a bikini if there had been more material. As I turned from the picture and saw Alphi looking at it, I told him, “That must be a friend of his family.” That look on Alphi’s face I interpreted to mean, “fat chance”.

Every once in awhile I click on one of the video clips with pieces of music I have stored in my files. Most of the songs are from the period when I served overseas. I’d play some Three Dog Night and CCR with a little of Janice Joplin thrown in for good measure. Man the room was rocking until I looked down. Alphi gave me that, “What, you don’t have any Jessica Simpson”?

By the time I’d entered a couple of on-line contests and forwarded a few of the old jokes, I was ready to log off. Had finished two cups of coffee and eaten a banana. Now I needed to go read the comic section of my newspaper. It was at this time I felt this paw on my arm. Seems I’d forgotten to visit popasmoke.com. You see Alphi likes to look at the picture of the dog Lucky and be thankful he never had to serve in combat. Alphi’s grateful like that.