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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from Visitors

 Can I create a link to this website?

Read our “How to Link to us” page for instructions and also our disclaimer page.


How do I get permission to use content from POPASMOKE on my website?

Contact admin@popasmoke.com


My father flew Marine helicopters in combat, do I qualify to join your association?

If your father flew helicopters in the Marine Corps, yes, you qualify to join our association. Fill out our online FNG Form. Welcome Aboard! “Regular membership” is open to all who have served with a helicopter/tilt rotor squadron in combat. Associate membership (same rights and privileges as regular) is open to all others who have an interest Marine Aviation.


I’d like to ask your membership for some help obtaining eyewitness accounts for a specific incident in which a relative was killed in Vietnam, what’s the best way to do that?

Our members are happy to assist, the best thing to do is register and post your message on our NOTAM Board. Also, if you have not already done so, check our KIA Incidents site for specific details and eyewitness accounts. To register for the NOTAM boards select membership type “NOTAM” only with our online registration.


If I fill out the online “FNG” form, does that automatically make me a member of the Association?

No it doesn’t. You become a member of the Association only after we receive your annual dues payment. Once payment is received, your membership information is entered in the master database, and you will start receiving the Association newsletter.


Common questions from Members

I used to be a member but have let my dues lapse, how to I sign back up?

Check the membership area for renewal, address and email changes, lost passwords and to see if your membership is current. If you have trouble logging in or do not remember the email you used to sign up with, contact admin@popasmoke.com


How do I notify the association of my new e-mail address?

Members can update their information in Directory Updates.


How do I submit photos to be added to the POPASMOKE website?

Members can upload photos to the Visions Photo Gallery (once logged in) using the Upload Link


Photos I’ve submitted aren’t credited to me. Why?

Gomenasai. All photos were migrated from the original gallery to a new program in 2013. There was no way to upload into individual galleries. We sent a NOTAM about that at the time. If you give us the photo numbers (“PID=” shown in URL) of your image(s), we will ensure you are credited as submitter. Send to sysadmin@popasmoke.com


Who can I contact if I have additional membership questions?

Send an e-mail to: admin@popasmoke.com The Admin will reply to your e-mail once it is received and read.


I forgot my password! How can I request it?

Go to the member sign-in page and enter your email address or username to receive your password reset link.


Questions not covered by this FAQ

Who should I contact for questions not covered in this FAQ?

Send an e-mail to admin@popasmoke.com