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By: Ed Creamer

Well, here I am again. And you had high hopes I’d stay gone longer didn’t ya? Well, I don’t know how to break the news to you Cinderella but, one doesn’t always get what one wishes for.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a few things I discovered while burning up a little over 7,000 miles of our nation’s highways and by ways.

1. Spray painted on the road way at a turn-off on I-70 In Utah were the words “Obama Sucks”. Nothing like putting a smile on a weary travelers face don’t you think.

2. Regardless of how good a windshield your vehicle has, you ain’t never gonna be able to kill all them bugs out there.

3. Never make an attempt at determining the IQ of anyone that loads down the back of their pick-up truck with furniture and doesn’t tie anything down. Duh! Like the law of aerodynamics gets cancelled at 70 MPH don’t it?

4. In Oklahoma City large pot holes in the road count as tourist attractions.

5. Alligators crossing I-10 anywhere in the state of Louisiana have the right-of-way. Crawdads don’t.

6. I know it’s hard to imagine but the price of petrol seems to go lower the closer one gets to our nation’s capitol. They must charge less to get it to the gas stations there don’t ya think?

7. I’ve yet to find one benefit for high humidity.

8. Charging $2.00 to wash and dry each load of clothes at a camp site is NOT capitalism at it’s finest hour.

9. I wonder why none of the other armed services have emblems that when placed on the rear window of an RV can cause passer-bys to honk and wave as they pass you. Appreciation at it’s best.

10. Seeing our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as old friends is what RV’ing is all about. That and frequently eating at small Mom and Pop restaurants.

There now, you can sleep better tonight knowing I’m on-line again.