Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan


By: Ed Creamer

After waking up this morning and pouring my cup of coffee, I turned on the news. All the major networks were screaming out the news. The terrorists had decided to sit down with representatives of the Swiss government to resolve differences they had with the Western countries. While discussions were underway, a truce has been declared. The guns of war were silent.

A dream you say. Yes it was. Ask any veteran who has served time in a combat zone if that isn’t their dream. A dream where-by all their buddies lived a long life. Where all our nations sons, daughters and grandchildren never heard the sounds of shots fired in anger.

If you remember your history, it was what our country wanted when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated and World War One started. While we held our neutrality beliefs as long as we could, this European war eventually drug us into it. We paid a considerable price in human lives before it ended. We knew though, the world was safe from any further conflict.

Little did we suspect Tojo and Hitler would be waiting for us in less than twenty-five years. Another World War had enveloped the globe. Japan betrayed us on one side and part of the human race was being exterminated on the other side. While a few like Sen. Margaret Chase Smith screamed for neutrality, it was to no avail. It was our destiny to do what we could. Once more, countless lives were sacrificed in the name of freedom. In the end, the world would once again be a safer place.

Soon the Cold War enveloped the world. The Berlin Blockade was followed by Korea. Later came Vietnam, Grenada, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Afghanistan. So many of our young were once again being sacrificed in the name of freedom.

This time innocent blood has been spilled on American soil. We ask our nation’s youth to bear arms once again. Some have been sent to Africa to assist African nations in this fight. Others are in the Philippines, in Indonesia, the Balkans, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and yes, Iraq. You see someone had to draw the line and tell the world, “WE WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR”.

Freedom has a price tag. We, as a nation, pay that price. For in our Republic form of government we select those we think will guide and protect our ideals. We are not a nation of individuals who can pick and choose the battles we fight. Selecting only those conflicts we, as individuals, think are just. You see, we’re in this as a nation. And as a nation, if we lose this battle with terrorism, “we surely will all hang together”.