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By: Ed Creamer

I’m one that hates to sit at home to watch the Super Bowl. I believe you need a large crowd watching it with you if you can’t attend the event itself. There is no sporting event that comes close to matching the excitement generated from that one event. Although, I will admit there’s one that comes close. It’s the National Finals Rodeo held each year in December. There’s just something about watching a bull throw a cowboy in the air further than either Manning brother can throw a pass.

In the past, all the casinos in Las Vegas use to throw more Super Bowl party variations than there are liberal Democrats at a Hillary for President fundraiser. There were prizes given for each touchdown made, free drinks for each field goal and a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card if you agreed to keep your hands off the waitresses.

I try to tell my “for better or worse” football today is different from the old “black and blue division” days. Back then, when someone was tackled you had to keep them down or they’d get up and run some more. And that was just the guys skipping out on their turn to buy drinks. Then there were the old style helmets and pads. They use to wear more leather than a dominatrix uses today to entertain her clients.

I’m still not exactly sure why the NFL objected so vehemently to the casinos holding Super Bowl parties. I know it wasn’t because the casinos were undercutting the League’s $168 price tag for a single football jersey. The best I can figure is all those folks who wanted to watch the game with a crowd weren’t home watching the $2 million dollar a minute singing frog commercials. Can’t I can’t see the connection between some frog and a thirty-five yard pass completion.

Someone once asked me what a person could bet on during the game. To quote Shakespeare, “let me count the ways”. You can bet on score, point spread and number of Gator Aide containers the water boy carries. Even how many times players will turn and say, “Hi Mom” when the camera falls on them.

I’m not in to baseball. Don’t understand why someone would pay a person $60 million plus to swing a piece of wood. To me, football, and in particular the Super Bowl, is the premier sporting event. Where else can you watch a player score points, do a high five with 10 other players and then go on to win “Dancing With The Stars”? You can’t bet on that in baseball.